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Does focusing on 4k decision maintain video games again?

Do video games actually need to run at 2160p on console? I’ve seen video games at resolutions of 1440p and above that upto 4k and it is onerous to inform a distinction on a 65 inch 4k TV between that and native 4k. Perhaps on a 4k projector there might be a distinction. I play on a 1440p monitor, and it positively appears higher than 1080p.

Video games like Resident Evil 3 Remake on Xbox One X have wanted to halve their resolutions (from 2160p to 1620p) to even obtain a steady body price. Digital Foundry had analysed the visible high quality after the change and mentioned the distinction was negligible, however efficiency improved considerably. I simply marvel if sport solely having an choice of 4k decision are being held again, like Redfall solely permitting for 4k 30fps. If decision was introduced down, efficiency may enhance and different graphical adjustments might be made.

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  1. We are in an in-between time when it comes to the increase in resolution. Rendering at 4k has a lot of benefits for fine detail and having larger more realistic environments in games, but the hardware is still kind of on the edge of doing it well.

    Combine that with normal map/level design at this point being very well developed towards creating shorter line of sight and hiding the mid-ground where you get a lot of pop-in of assets and what you wind up with is games where the extra pixels genuinely don’t add much to the experience. I think it’s a case-by-case basis, and developers should consider really hard whether the extra raw pixels are actually worth it.

    On the flip side, some of the upscaling methods give a certain kind of visual look that could be nice for some games alongside the performance gains.

    Basicially, it’s complicated, and mixed.

  2. All you need to know is this. Most of the VFX and 3D animations in Hollywood blockbusters are rendered in 1080p.

  3. I don’t understand consoles at all, they are special beast, but for PC developers generally target the widest range of hardware, for the most sales opportunity.

  4. I’d much rather play with a higher fps than resolution, unless said resolution would be under 1080p.

  5. >If resolution was brought down, performance could improve and other graphical changes could be made.

    Yes, they’re called graphics options. They’re usually located in the settings menu since you’ve never found it.

  6. 4k 60 fps or I don’t play. The series x is more than capable of this for only 500 USD.

  7. Zelda has entered the chat* link too he doesn’t talk tho..

  8. No. This might disgust the majority of people here, but when I game I almost always choose Quality over Performance. And I still have a great time and great gaming memories…

  9. For consoles it does. The hardware isn’t really that capable when it comes to 4k. However, a lot of games aren’t running at 4k but many seem to try to hold above 1440p which would be a better target.

  10. NO. Games that are 600p and 20fps like TOTK on weak Switch, is holding games back.

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