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But Anotehr TOTK Publish

We have heard the way it’s simply an superior sport. We have heard how a lot enjoyable the constructing system is. We have heard how unimaginable the constructing system appears from a sport engine perspective. We have heard the evaluations.

However can I simply take a second… to understand that this sport is not damaged? It is a AAA sport, in a giant world with formidable mechanics… and it *works*. It really works *so* effectively that it is now been out formally for per week, and there have been zero emergency patches. I’ve seen one bokoblin camp glitch out on me (all of them simply form of stood there whereas I whacked them within the face, not frozen, simply not reacting) and I have never heard of anybody complaining about bugs.


Edit: Damnit… I went to begin TOTK simply now and had an replace. Nonetheless, I hadn’t seen any points.

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  1. The only “bug” I’ve found so far is when talking to NPCs, Link is always dripping as if he just got out of the ocean or the rain. Other than that, yeah, it’s an amazing game so far.

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