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Assist recreating this unusual portray approach

Cannot work out what this unusual end is likely to be. I’ve tried stain and vintage glaze with out success. I am assured its not any kind of stain as a result of the end is ready to flake off and it leaves the wooden under wanting utterly untouched. The underside of paint that flakes that come off are white or mild grey.

[Finish i’m trying to recreate](

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Steel wool soaked in vinegar for a few days and paint the liquid on the wood

  2. Look at step 04 here: [](

    Pretty sure that is “antiquing”

  3. I think i finally got it! I put down a coat of very light gray then went over it with extremely watered down dark green/gray. [heres]( what it looks like. I just need to tweak the colors a tad and i think it’ll be a good match

  4. Once quite popular with furniture makers….its called hand graining. It uses paints. And some art supply stores, maybe even some home improvement stores, sell special brushes and forms/stamps.

    Basically bits fake wood grain, that’s been painted on.

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