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assist me discover this e-book

so when i used to be youthful i had this e-book (doubtless within the mid-late 2010’s, the e-book could be aimed for kids/tweens), and for some cause i cannot relaxation till i bear in mind what it was referred to as…

a couple of particulars i bear in mind are that the principle character is asian, she has a brother and a youthful sister (doubtlessly a school aged sister as properly), her brother listens to music whereas he meditates and her sister sifts by way of the rice making mountains. there’s a half within the e-book when a somebody takes the principle character to a bakery that they go to, and she or he remembers that (since) she is aware of the baker, she used to go there and take house a wagon stuffed with pastries. when she was youthful her brother pretended she was an alien, and there’s a mini comedian about that.

additionally, the e-book has illustrations in it, i don’t bear in mind if it was a graphic novel or just had illustrations built-in. the principle character mentions feeling out of the loop as a result of her good friend is aware of all the style issues (reads magazines, and many others.) there may be an illustration for this that i can vividly bear in mind, her good friend is sitting in one of many Os in a cursive spelled “loop” and the principle character sits on the finish, being actually out of the loop.

thanks for serving to me discover this, i have no idea why i am unable to bear in mind what it is referred to as

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  1. Do you remember the main character’s name?

  2. Hi there. Per [rule 3.4](, your post is better suited for asking in /r/WhatsThatBook or /r/tipofmytongue. Thank you!

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