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Why you must by no means learn The Maid by Nita Prose

I really like studying suspense thrillers and thriller novels. I judged The Maid by its clear cowl and anticipated a superb storyline earlier than I picked the ebook. Sadly, I picked this ebook purely out of impulse with out checking any critiques.

The Maid has one of the crucial boring storylines of all time. For a ebook that proclaims it ought to match within the “suspense thriller” class, I may hardly discover any twist.

The primary 170 pages on this ebook are complete BS and do not assist in any option to how the story proceeds later. The writer presents us the protagonist as anyone who’s bizarre, however that does not transfer the character. The character merely is just not likeable until the very finish.

So why did I learn this ebook absolutely, you might ask. The reason being as a result of, I nonetheless anticipated a serious twist or a break level until the very finish. The writer moved the story in such a approach you could in all probability count on one thing off beat ultimately, nevertheless it’s very disappointing to not see any of that. It is a very very generic story line and anyone would guess how it should go.

Do your self a favour by not buying this ebook. In case you have already purchased, go away it as such and do not learn. It is okay.

Comments ( 6 )

  1. I hated it. I even wrote a review on goodreads to warn others and I never do that.

  2. It was so bad. Like I was surprised and confused by how bad it was, thinking I’d missed something given its popularity.

    But it was quite simply bad.

  3. I loved it. I’m not sure all characters are intended to be relatable for everybody.

  4. In my experience, hotel maids don’t speak English very well and are not Caucasian. Is the book accurate in that respect?

  5. I loved it! The book in its essence is more than a thriller or mystery book. In fact, I don’t think it should be under thriller genre to start with. Anyone who related to Molly would enjoy it better. As someone who was always overlooked and invisible, this was fresh!

  6. The character is not “weird” or “unlikeable,” she is on the autistic spectrum. I see you did not get the whole point of the book, which was about the discrimination and communication barriers autistic people face when dealing with closed-minded neurotypicals.

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