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Why I imagine exclusives are factor within the gaming trade.

Hi there, I’m a gamer, and I personal a Nintendo Change. I made a decision to purchase this console as a result of I am a giant fan of Smash Bros and Pokémon initially, however being a Nintendo Change proprietor shouldn’t be all the time straightforward. I typically discover myself unable to play video games that I actually wish to attempt or having to attend for years. Clearly, I endure loads from the exclusivity system that forces me to get a much less highly effective and versatile console to play my favourite video games. Nonetheless, I nonetheless imagine that this technique is critical for a wholesome trade, and let me clarify why.

For my part, having a restricted sport catalog really permits for locating hidden gems and highlighting sure video games. Sure, after all, within the quick time period, it could appear bothersome for gamers not to have the ability to play all of the video games they need or having to purchase three consoles to play every part. However if you actually give it some thought, if there have been only one console with all of the video games on it, there can be such an enormous variety of common AAA releases that everybody would purchase and play the identical video games.

By being restricted by the catalog on the Nintendo Change, I have been in a position to uncover gems like Astral Chain, Fireplace Emblem (properly, I already knew about it, to be sincere), and Splatoon. These are video games that I liked and would have by no means bothered to purchase if I had entry to different well-known video games. What I am saying is that having exclusives on totally different consoles exactly expands the general catalog of video video games, and I imagine it is coherent to say {that a} diversified trade is all the time superior.

Comments ( 17 )

  1. >What I’m saying is that having exclusives on different consoles precisely expands the overall catalog of video games

    It… what?

  2. Indie games have been a thing. People make entire careers out of finding hidden gems because the PC has such a broad, expansive library. The idea of exclusives comes out of a long, lame tradition of corporate contrivance for the sake of greed and market domination.

    Bloodborne for PC, please.

  3. Bruh, what

    >having a limited game catalog actually allows for discovering hidden gems.

    That’s some delusional sentence my dude.
    Especially because you realize that the “hidden gems” for other consoles are not available for you too? As a result reducing the amount of “hidden gems” available to do you, to discover…

  4. Why I believe getting kicked in the ballsack is actually a good thing:

  5. This has to be bait right?

  6. PC has easily the largest game library, with both Sony and Microsoft porting their console exclusives over. Yet sales for many indie games and user base are still extremely high. AAA games like God of War, Halo or RE4 Remake didn’t stop PC players from buying smaller games like Valheim or The Outlast Trials.

    Folks on PC discover hidden gems via store discovery algorithm tools, what games their friends are playing, and store features such as filters and reviews. games succeed by its own merit and not with nepotism.

    So those are really rubbish talk.

  7. This argument makes no sense.
    I’m a pc gamer and rarely buy AAA games.
    Exclusives are just corporation greed. That’s it.
    It’s like saying wars are good because they help with overpopulation.

  8. I think exclusivity is good for competition; if two different companies want people to buy their consoles, it means they need to create good games in order to entice people.

    It may seem inconvenient for the consumer to have a bunch of different systems and brands vying for our attention, but at the end of the day it means we get good games from multiple sources. If there was only one huge gaming company that made everything, the quality would stagnant because there would be nothing to compete with it.

  9. For gaming corpos maybe.

  10. I was typing out something long explaining why it’s bad and then realised… Who the fuck actually cares.

    You do you bro. Enjoy the 19 FPS gameplay of BOTW DLC for 70 Euros and that last Pokemon game that had the graphic fidelity of the 1st Tomb Raider game…

  11. Hello, I am a gamer < that’s where I decided to stop reading

  12. Well there is a couple minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Pretty trashy take.

  13. I think that without exclusivity, the quality of those particular games would drop drastically and/or the microtransactions in said games would increase drastically. Console exclusivity is just a business model, and it’s uniquely one that encourages quality output.

  14. Why I believe EMULATION is a good thing in the gaming industry.

  15. You’re not a gamer. You’re a corporate shill.

  16. >But when you really think about it, if there were just one console with
    all the games on it, there would be such a huge number of regular AAA
    releases that everyone would buy and play the same games.

    I don’t think you realize how many people have access to AAA titles and still choose to play indies. Just look at PC players. You have a platform that allows people to play the latest AAA titles at amazing resolutions and framerates, and that same audience still opts to buy and play games like Stardew Valley or Vampire Survivor.

    You do NOT need a limited catalog in order to get players to check out indies. The current state of the AAA industry provides all the encouragement needed for the indie scene.

  17. They are good for corporate profits. That’s it. But they are simply bad for the consumer.

    Instead of letting the consumer decide what platform has the best service and the features they want, they are forced into buying a specific platform for specific games.

    It’s holding a thing i want hostage on their platform versus just letting me choose how i want to play that thing.

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