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What’s your favorite factor a few e book?

This will likely look like a wierd query, however I just lately had a dialog with a good friend about why we appreciated the Mistborn sequence. For me, basically I LOVE a superb e book that has legacy and historical past within it, I would like the character to have left an impression on the world that they have been part of.

Whereas what made a superb e book for him was that it had good lore within it, and that is why he liked a number of the classics like LOTR or Harry Potter.

After all, each of those solutions are proper, however im to see what makes a superb e book for the folks of reddit!

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  2. For me, I have to really *care* about the characters to be invested.

  3. This may sound silly but … since childhood I’ve loved the idea of books ; even just the physical object, such an unassuming item, just paper with words printed on, but with a little patience…. absolute escapism. I love charity shop book racks, love the cover illustrations, the diffrent fonts used ect. 100% buy more books than I can actually read. Love going through people’s bookshelves, trying to deduct their perspective from what they read. Think old fashioned or ornate books look beautiful on display. They seem timeless objects but are relatively modern inventions, we are so lucky to exist in an era with such access to them and our literacy.

  4. The words written on the page or, in some cases pictures.

  5. I’m a very character driven reader. I basically have to either like them or like to hate them.

  6. For me the beauty of the prose and writing is what draws me most to a book.

  7. I personally don’t have to like the characters or have them develop in any progressive way, but what I LOVE about my favourite books are the inner reflections and acknowledging the absurdity of life. I like it when I can see what the author is trying to get at without them directly saying it.

  8. Well, I like how a book makes me feel when I look back at it long after I finish it. The nostalgia factor is one of my favorite things ever.

  9. An author I will never meet because they died 50+ years ago, putting into words something so deeply human that I’ve experienced it more than once and literally never described it to myself.

  10. The plot of each stories , the smell and feel of these magical creations. I was 9 when I fell in love with books.

  11. For me it’s prose. A book must have good prose. I do not care how interesting a plot or world building is if the prose is not pleasant to read. Unfortunately this means I cannot enjoy the majority of books because writing good prose is very difficult and books with good prose are relatively rare.

  12. For me the most important thing is that I can identify and understand and believe in the characters that the author has created. To feel part of the unfolding story and hopefully learn something from them.

  13. For me I have a simple rule : don’t read a book that won’t make you smarter, and I’m not talking about vocabulary or something

  14. The perspective of a character that is dissimilar to myself. To be able to walk in another person’s shoes can be amazing.

  15. I remember reading the last Harry Potter for the first time. Went trough the whole book in half a day and then sprinted to my friends house so full of joy, because they had finally beaten Voldemort.
    So for me its the feeling after a long reading session, when you’re still half in the story/atmosphere and half in the real world.

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