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Tears Of The Kingdom

These are my very own ideas and opinions concerning the new sequel after the occasions Of Breath Of The Wild, so hear me out and be civil earlier than you agree or for those who disagree with me with out being disrespectful:

The sport is gorgeous with its virtually cel shaded, hand drawn artstyle to the atmosphere and sport.

It is vibrant, colourful, and stands out loads amongst the opposite Nintendo video games on the console proper atm

The sport is overwhelming with regards to the dimensions and scale of the environments that they offer you to discover. Between Hyrule, The Islands and the underground sections I felt confused and fairly misplaced at instances despite the fact that exploration is a characteristic.

The story is but once more infuriating and simplistic to a fault. It repeats numerous the identical components because the earlier sport the place you’ve gotten three hearts to start out, get a tool from one thing that was from Zelda, need to activate towers, go to the identical places you probably did already in BOTW however as a substitute of Divine Beasts it is the darkness your dealing with, and it is simply actually feeling prefer it’s the identical beats once more.

That is suppose to be a “direct sequel” to BOTW and but nobody remembers numerous occasions from the final sport. Evidently Tarry City remembers you, identical with some characters however everybody else will need to have shared the identical Amnesia Hyperlink had as a result of they do not keep in mind you and you need to meet them over again. It makes the whole lot you probably did in BOTW really feel pointless and meaningless too.

The controls for constructing autos will be so rattling awkward, irritating and clunky to say the least. It is much more so when combining issues collectively and it simply makes me really feel like Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts over again which is a nasty style actually.

Oh you hated the breakable weapons, how about all the weapons break even sooner now and you’ve got rust on them so their ineffective except you’re taking gadgets you discover on enemies or areas and mix them to make them considerably higher in the intervening time.

The map towers are in the identical places, that are unlocking the identical areas of the map you have already seen in BOTW, which why they could not hassle to simply have your entire Hyrule map already unlocked and have the Sky Islands and underground sections have their very own map towers is perplexing me.

Zelda and Ganondorf have their moments however their additionally type of forgettable within the narrative actually. After finishing the story, I simply really feel prefer it was like oh you had moments certain however moreover that meh? Ganondorf did not actually really feel like he impacted the world that a lot moreover the entire blood moon and cutscenes he confirmed in each occasionally.

The “dungeons” that Nintendo was boasting about so proudly really feel so half assed at instances its turn into disappointing and actually not even that particular.

There’s so many Shrines, they usually go from being enjoyable and memorable to downright irritating too.

The world nonetheless feels so empty and sparse even when there are enemy camps scattered round, New dragon like enemies within the skies, and a few village camps with npcs to satisfy alongside the best way. Touring and attending to locations seems like such a boring slog.

The Koroks return with a vengeance. This time you need to do their challenges to unlock the seeds, however now a number of the little gremlins have backpacks on in order that they refuse to maneuver and you need to escort them to their buddies who’re both fairly a distance away or up a mountain. It turns into a ache within the ass extra so than the earlier sport did.

The start cinematic stage with Zelda and Hyperlink assembly the mummified Ganondorf is so terrible and it feels so rushed. There was actually no construct up or suspense to it as a result of the trailers already spoiled it.

“Tears Of The dominion” might be darker than the opposite video games. Yeah okay. There’s not a lot maturity or darkish components to the sport, it really fails in that class. Apart from the soar shock enemies which can be large bushes there is not any scares or actually stress

Oh yeah you keep in mind Impa? Properly she’s useless now. You get to see her tombstone grave on the village, and actually makes me go wait what?

Purrah is now abruptly an grownup sized character after she was the dimensions of a kid within the final sport. No point out, rationalization or cinematic exhibiting how this occurred. Simply go together with it.

The entire “champions” you met within the final sport who helped you with the divine beasts, effectively now you need to go meet them and undergo the identical areas simply as you probably did within the final sport once more. It severely feels so rattling lazy and ridiculous.

This sport took six years to make, okay. Certain you may need modified a number of the character fashions, mechanics, the cinematics, places, sky islands and the underground sections however the whole lot else feels a lot as a breath of the wild 2.0 model.

A whole lot of stuff you did in BOTW at the moment are reversed as in the event that they by no means occurred. Bear in mind shopping for up a home and fixing it? Not anymore, another person lives in it and you need to go and purchase your individual home and construct it from elements that value cash. It is completely insulting contemplating it is a direct sequel.

The brand new talents appear type of lackluster with reference to what we had within the final sport. Leaping by means of stone/ceilings to get larger, reverse time, fusing weapons as a result of sturdiness is loads worse this time round. Utilizing your hand to craft autos and such. It simply feels so meh.

Oh hey do you want video games with pitch black areas to discover? Would you prefer to continually undergo them and drive to take care of a UI that is gradual and painful simply to maintain pulling out gentle sources to shine up your path? As a result of that is what this has.

Additionally not having the ability to put fireplace components to your arrows unexpectedly, making you add the ingredient to at least one arrow at a time is completely miserably annoying. Why did they need to make it so tough.


Zelda goes again in time, meets one of many rulers of Hyrule, tries to vary issues, turns into a dragon. What?

You’ll be able to’t pet canine. Wtf.

Hyperlink has the stamina of a asthmatic smoker, I do know they did this in BOTW as effectively however it’s so annoying that you just run out so rapidly after just some jogs.

Everybody on the market praising this sport as a brand new masterpiece, 10/10 and revolutionary for the Zelda franchise. An absolute sport changer, when it is actually not. If it did not have the Zelda components, or the characters/places it might have been simply one other open world sport that is too large.

Sadly the “traditional” story pushed, puzzle oriented, iconic music, linear Zelda video games appear to be delayed in the meanwhile as a result of the producer and director of BOTW and TOTK stated they need this to be the long run shifting ahead, extra open world and extra freedom for the participant. Fantastic….

I am prepared for a sport within the franchise to but once more transfer away from Hyrule, and Ganondorf as a result of it has been used loads and I do know it is “iconic to the collection” however contemplating we have had places similar to “The Nice Sea, Termina, Koholint Island, Holodrum, I believe it might be good to get away from Hyrule tbh.

Usher in some precise stakes and darker themes to the narrative/atmosphere and gameplay. You understand how Majoras Masks had that anxiousness inducing villain and that fixed risk plaguing you? Particularly in that the sport handled themes of Loss of life, the Afterlife, souls trapped in masks you wore, remorse, jealousy, unhappiness and distress repeated I believe a brand new sport might study a factor or two from that title.

Convey again some older characters for as soon as. Let’s examine Midna return, or the Pirates from Wind Waker, how concerning the enjoyable gameplay mechanic of becoming Wolf Hyperlink to get round sequences, maybe you can provide us particular dungeons to vary our tunic colour with talents tied to our well being and energy(Hyperlinks awakening), or masks that truly have particular talents to make use of in opposition to enemies.

Convey again the HAPPY MASK SALESMAN and Tingle.

Make the dungeons distinctive and have a story function. Bear in mind Majoras Masks the place you needed to summon a Turtle who was masquerading as an island? Or perhaps you would have an enormous volcano that is sleeping and you need to wake it up with fireplace in an effort to surf the lava with magmetic shields?

There’s nothing completely incorrect with bringing again some humor Nintendo. In BOTW and TOTK there’s not a complete lot of moments that make me chuckle and chortle like all of the opposite video games within the collection. You can have a quest serving to some monkeys who then construct a bridge for you, or perhaps you need to carry out music in a efficiency as a result of a member of the band is just too sick so your the rapid substitute. These could be nice.

Convey again musical devices and iconic songs. How the HELL do you make a Zelda sport and never have an ocarina, or any musical instrument tbh?

I do know they needed to “seize” the weather of nature, the atmosphere and realism when exploring the world they constructed up however it will get actually exhausting and boring having to listen to the identical music from BOTW remixed on enemy encounters and simply touring round. I miss the times after we had iconic overworld music taking part in or actually enjoyable enemy encounter music when your in fight.

And you realize as a result of Nintendo bought billions of copies of BOTW and TOTK that that is going to be the brand new “face” of the franchise shifting ahead. Sadly any technique of high down or linear 3D video games are most likely useless within the water for the fanbase.

Individuals are going to sort away and say how incorrect I’m and the way it makes me sound so previous, however actually BOTW and TOTK really feel so drastically totally different that it does not really feel like Zelda anymore. It simply seems like one other open world sport with too large of a world utilizing Zelda characters and themes.

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