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Protein powder container DIY tennis ball pressurizer – assist needed with hermetic seal

I am attempting to construct a tennis ball pressurizer utilizing some components that I had available or purchased fairly cheaply. Pics of the mission and components will be seen right here:

[Imgur gallery](

The components are:

* empty protein powder container
* TR413 tubeless tire valve stem
* 1/2″ washer

The photographs are fairly self-explanatory, however I drilled a gap within the high of the protein powder lid to insert the valve stem, and added the washer to finish the seal. I additionally used some Gorilla glue for additional sealing and it’s hermetic.

My downside is that the screw-on lid itself will not be hermetic. I’ve tried placing electrical tape or PTFE plumber’s tape on the thread however that did not work. My subsequent concept is to purchase self-fusing silicone tape or Sugru moldable glue to use to the thread. From some googling one other doable answer can be a bonded washer, however I might by some means have to seek out one among an accurate dimension which can not exist.

Any concepts on find out how to make the lid hermetic, or is the threading of the lid simply too coarse it doesn’t matter what I do? Thanks!

Comments ( 4 )

  1. Don’t try to make the threads airtight – straight threads aren’t suitable for seals.

    Maybe try a sheet of rubber to make a gasket between the jar lip and the lid?

    Fundamentally though your problem is that the cap is so large. It has what, a 5″ diameter, so 20 in^2 area? At ~15 psig, that’s 300 pounds of force pushing up. I have trouble imagining those weak threads holding on particularly well.

  2. Use plastic wrap (Saran Wrap) to cover the opening before screwing on the lid and poke a hole in it. Then screw the lid on. Makes a gasket. Ideally you’d make a rubber washer to fit the lid.

  3. I know nothing about this but I’m curious. What does pressurizing the container do to the protein powder?

  4. Ah. I understand. Thanks

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