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LPT request: residing life to the fullest in a put up Covid world.

Within the age of Covid-19 I wish to know what “residing life to the fullest” means to you. I’m 24 and immunocompromised however I might nonetheless prefer to return to semi regular. Nonetheless I’ve made the choice to go to highschool on-line quite than returning to my giant state college due to Covid publicity.
One other factor that makes me ponder this query is that considered one of my relations died final week (utterly unrelated to Covid), and I fear that because the pandemic I haven’t been residing a superb of a life as I may very well be, as a result of I’m principally staying house and solely seeing a couple of choose folks and consuming out just a bit bit. I assume I don’t wish to stay with out regrets…however I additionally wish to ensure I’m residing safely within the age of Covid 19 and being immunocompromised. (I don’t wish to stay the subsequent 50 or no matter years in a bubble for instance – however hopefully Covid received’t be round that lengthy!). I must discover a stability between residing my life and staying secure. I might love to listen to others reply to this query.

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  1. Ask your doctor about safety precautions in your specific circumstances. My own doctor thinks the virus will be around, but no longer sees people getting particularly sick from recent strains and with people being vaccinated.

    My friends (including immunocompromised) and I are back out, just in smaller settings and outdoors more often. We’ve been hanging out and meeting new people at wine tastings, yoga classes, live music at small and outdoor venues, hosting dinner parties.

  2. I’ve just been living life as normal tbh. I never got vaccinated. I got covid last year along with most of my family (including my grandfather who is 94, on end of life care who also has asbestos damage to his lungs). We were all okay. My elderly nan who has heart and kidney failure as well as lung damage never even got it and she was still allowed to visit my grandfather while he had it.

    I can understand staying away from massive concerts or music festivals. But I would try to start venturing out for coffee/dinner more often. Or if you’re really worried stick to outdoor dining and picnics with a couple of friends. Where I live its pretty much just treated like the flu now.

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