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LPT Request – Anxiousness and Re-building Belief

How do you rebuild belief in a relationship? He broke my belief, and mentioned that he desires to work to rebuild it, however I really feel that he’s considerably distant. I even have handled infidelity in a previous relationship, and that is triggering that.

We’re lengthy distance and I’m effective after I’m with him, however I’m combating nervousness and suspicion after I’m not. I don’t like feeling/being this fashion.

Is there something I can ask him to try this would assist? Is there something I can do to calm my ideas? My neck and chest are tight with nervousness proper now. :/ Any LPT’s appreciated!

Comments ( 3 )

  1. I’m sorry, but I find that once the trust is broken, that’s a wrap. Your relationship should *never* give you that type of anxiety. Plenty of life issues will arise without adding else in the mix.

  2. So, he broke your trust and now you are the one, that is looking for things you can do better? That doesn’t sound like a balanced relationship to me.

  3. You can’t do anything for him, he has to do it himself. Staying the same has to hurt more than changing

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