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Framing nailer query

I’m constructing a shed out again this summer season, seeking to ease my ache with a nail gun. Is that this a viable choice for that obligation? Appears an excellent value at present and I’m already within the Milwaukee line with different instruments. TIA


Comments ( 10 )

  1. If you aren’t going to be doing framing things often I’d just rent one. I framed/remodel and own a paslode pneumatic.

  2. It is indeed a viable option, maybe sell it after if you don’t plan on framing much in The future.

  3. Agree with earlier post, unless you are going to use it a lot, rent. Renting is also a good way to try it out before you buy.

  4. Milwaukee’s cordless nailers are incredible and that is indeed a great price. If you’re willing to spend the cash then I’d say go for it.

  5. I’m also in the Milwaukee environment, but if it’s not something I’d use often and have an air compressor I’d get a cheaper pneumatic one. If you don’t have an air compressor the. Yeah I’d spring for it.

  6. I definitely agree with those saying rent if you don’t anticipate using this often.

    I will also say that the Harbor Freight pneumatic nailer may be just fine for you if you want to buy and have a compressor.

    But I wouldn’t blame you for splurging, lord knows I don’t “need” a few of the DeWalt tools I have…

  7. I personally considered this Milwaukee one (my preffered ecosystem) and the Hikoki framing nailer. Ended up going for the Hikoki as it seemed to review better, slightly. There also seemed to be regular mention of better nail brand compatibility. I can confirm that the Hikoki just works, no matter what brand of nails you whack in it. Built an entire garden office + workshop with it. Never skipped a beat. If the Milwaukee is even 75% as good as the Hikoki, get it. You won’t regret it.

  8. For a shed I’d use structural screws.

  9. I have that gun, it’s an excellent nail gun. The one down side to that nailer is it’s fucking heavy. The more I use it, the more I get used to it but it’s worth going into a store and actually holding the tool with a battery attached.

  10. If you ‘need’ one … get it. They are monsters. Use one all the time fir post and rail fencing and man, it works… but bloody heavy

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