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Dad purchased himself an Xbox Collection X to get into gaming. He is principally model new to utilizing a controller, any suggestions for video games?

He is performed the NES, SNES, N64 once we had them. Additionally some expertise with a Dreamcast and Wii. Relating to twin stick controllers he is not one of the best although and wishes follow – what are some good video games that could possibly be simpler to play that additionally assist with getting used to the controller?

The Xbox got here with Forza so he is obtained that, that could possibly be enjoyable and assist with controller expertise a bit.
He is actually wanting “Cool warfare video games” the place he can shoot issues however I do not know of any which might be both FPS and simple on the controller aspect or high down/third individual that is perhaps enjoyable.

Any suggestions can be appreciated!

Comments ( 12 )

  1. Get him the master chief collection.

  2. Not really a war game but Portal is a good low stress introduction to fps style controls.

  3. Fallout because he can play at his own pace and the v.a.t.s will help

  4. The Rare replay pack is packed full of games and while old they’re all really good and accessible, plus it is dirt cheap.

  5. Pubg is a war game and it’s free.

    Racing and sports games are also good to learn the controller, some of them are on Game Pass as well. (Assuming he got Game Pass and why wouldn’t he).

  6. GamePass, he can then try lots out.

    Shoot things – Halo series, Exodus series, and the usual CoD. Gunfire Reborn, Doom 2016 and Eternal.

  7. Start him off easy with side scrollers. Just to get his hand-eye coordination up to scratch. Once he’s nailed it, introduce him to more genres with more complex controls.

  8. The Fable games!! They’re all available on game pass 🙂

  9. Minecraft is a pretty common first first-person perspective game. The early mobs are pretty easy to bash with melee but the building requires precision pointing but no time pressure.

    But if we want a “war game” golden eye was many people’s first FPS with thumbstick controls

  10. When my kid is old enough I would love to play games together with him, and odds are your dad would enjoy playing any game with you, too.

  11. Lego games are good for beginners and are fun to play in coop

  12. Fallout. He can change from 1st to third person. Third person view will help as he will need to use the right thumbstick to view his surroundings. Also, the themes are more adult. Your Dad will probably like the story as well. Highly advamced 50’s esque america plunged into Nuclear war. Dialogue heavy with options to choose your reactions to NPCs as well as VATS to help in combat. DEFINETELY GET HIM FALLOUT.

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