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[Book Club] “Daughter of the Moon Goddess” by Sue Lynn Tan: Week 3, Chapters 21-30

[*Link to the original announcement thread*](

Hey everybody,

Welcome to the third dialogue thread for the Might choice, *Daughter of the Moon Goddess* by Sue Lynn Tan! Hopefully you’ve all managed to select up the e-book but when you have not, you possibly can nonetheless catch up and take part on a later dialogue; nonetheless, this thread shall be brazenly discussing up although (and together with) **Chapter 30**

Beneath are some questions to assist begin dialog; be at liberty to reply some or all of them, or simply publish about no matter your ideas on the fabric.

1. What are a few of your favourite characters, components or quotes? Which components did you discover complicated
2. What may Minister Wu’s motivations be in opposing Xingyin’s Talisman request? What different courtroom politics could also be hinted at throughout this scene?
3. How has Xingyin’s disposition in the direction of violence and necessity of aggression modified?
4. What does the bow’s possession affinity recommend about its previous or Xingyin’s? Why does it maintain such authority for the dragons?
5. What different questions or predictions do you’ve transferring ahead and what do you hope to see? Which unanswered questions are essentially the most fascinating to you?

Reminder that third dialogue shall be posted on Friday, Might twenty sixth and can cowl the whole lot within the e-book. Then the AMA with writer Sue Lynn Tan shall be on Might thirtieth.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. If I were Xingyin, I would have been team demon realm a long time ago.

  2. Minister Wu just seems to hate anyone he sees as beneath him. And I think that motivation drives a lot of court politics. It’s possible he’s heard some gossip about Liwei and Xingyin, too. He seems the type who would have informants that would pass him that kind of information. They weren’t that careful.

    Xingyin has gone from innocent maiden to full on warrior. She has had to do that to survive. Somehow, though, she’s kept her values outside of that.

    As for the bow, I wonder if her lineage runs as far back as the original owner of the bow. I started to get the feeling while reading this that it’s not just her mother who has kept her in the dark about her magical abilities.

    And Wenzhi! Damn him! I had really liked him and was glad she was with him. I don’t know what it means that his eyes turned gray when he grabbed her up, but I’m worried it means he’s from the demon realm. If so, this has been an incredible long con he’s been running on the court. But, how could he have known that she would come along, be so amazingly talented, get the prize from the emperor, demand her mother’s release, talk the dragons out of their pearls? I just don’t see how that could have been his plan. He’d been in the court for a long time before she came. I’m really anxious to see how this turns out.

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