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The High 10 Most Distinctive Strolling Simulators

I’ve performed over 500 strolling simulators as the principle curator for [First Person Exploration and Puzzle Games]( person-Exploration-and-Puzzle-Sport/), a curation group which solely evaluations first particular person strolling simulators. Listed here are my picks for probably the most distinctive ones.†

# High 10 Most Distinctive Strolling Simulators

1. **[The Stanley Parable](**
I feel anybody who’s performed strolling simulators was anticipating this one. This recreation is a meta-commentary about gaming, informed in a manner that is unimaginable to explain with out experiencing it your self.
They just lately launched the [“Ultra Deluxe Edition”]( with a bunch of additional content material.

2. **[What Remains of Edith Finch](**
An _extremely_ good strolling simulator a few lady studying how her household died. Every of the flashback sequences is informed otherwise, which every one being each intelligent and distinctive.

3. **[The Forgotten City](**
A unbelievable time-loop journey about an historical Roman metropolis on the verge of destruction.
Utilizing your energy, you’ll want to work out if it is attainable to avoid wasting town, and likewise what the heck is happening.

4. **[Paradise Killer](**
You play because the god of investigation, who has been locked away for hundreds of years. The opposite gods launch you to resolve the homicide of one among their very own.
All the pieces concerning the universe, from the characters to the areas to the lore, are in contrast to something I’ve seen or learn earlier than.

5. **[Outer Wilds](**
One other time-loop journey, this time in outer area. Discover a whole photo voltaic system on the point of destruction, deciphering historical alien runes to find out if it can save you it.

6. **[Trackless](**
This recreation seems like these previous text-based “Interactive Fiction” video games, the place you wanted to sort “stroll north” to discover the world, besides right here you get to bodily see and stroll world wide being described.
I performed it 5 years in the past and truthfully do not keep in mind something concerning the story (one thing one thing Sci-Fi), however I keep in mind the mixture of Strolling Simulator and Interactive Fiction was each distinctive and well-done.

7. **[The Norwood Suite](**
That is “Surrealism: The Sport”. All the pieces you see and listen to makes you are feeling such as you’re on medicine. And but, in contrast to a whole lot of different “surrealist” video games, the story truly is sensible. This is without doubt one of the solely “surrealism-inspired” video games I’ve performed that I would truly think about good, and it is also the trippiest.

8. **[Fatum Betula](**
A PS1-style horror recreation that is about…? Truly, even after enjoying the sport I do not know what it is about. It is such a bizarre expertise that I do not suppose I can put it into phrases. It’s value enjoying although, even when (like me) you are not terribly into horror video games.

9. **[Music Machine](**
A recreation a few teenage lady and the ghost who’s possessing her. Your complete recreation is monochrome, but in some way has extra spectacular particulars than nearly all of different indie video games (try the screenshots, for instance).
The dialog is bizarre and open to interpretation, nevertheless it’s not philosophical gibberish.

10. **[Grotto](**
A recreation the place you play as a shaman for a village. The folks of the village come to you to ask for assist with their issues.
The distinctive factor about this recreation is that you don’t inform the villagers what to do instantly. As a substitute, you give them constellations, which they then interpret in their very own manner as a solution (not all the time the way in which you needed).
This recreation is _heavily_ affected by your decisions, making each playthrough distinct.

# Particular mentions

**[Before Your Eyes](** – A narrative a few boy’s life the place each time you blink, time progresses ahead. May be performed with a webcam to regulate together with your _literal_ blinks.

**[The Painscreek Killings](** – A homicide thriller the place you remedy the thriller by exploring a full-sized deserted city.

**[Virginia](** – A linear detective story the place you possibly can’t perceive what any of the characters are saying, and it’s important to guess what is going on on based mostly on the context.

**[Perception](** – You play as a blind lady who can solely see via echo-location.

**[The Unfinished Swan](** – A strolling simulator the place you’ll want to paint the world in an effort to see any of it.

**[Depanneur Nocturne](** – You are a buyer at a small comfort retailer. That is it, there is no twist, that is the sport.

**Need extra?**
Take a look at **[First Person Exploration and Puzzle Games]( person-Exploration-and-Puzzle-Sport/)** on Steam!

† _Note: These usually are not my ten **favourite** ones, simply those I believed have been probably the most distinctive. I beloved eg. [Gone Home]( and [Firewatch](, however apart from being rather well carried out, they do not actually stand out for being distinctive._

_I’m additionally not together with video games which can be primarily puzzle video games, so no [Antichamber](, [The Witness](, and many others. See [here]( person-Exploration-and-Puzzle-Sport/listing/454) should you’re in search of video games like that._

Comments ( 9 )

  1. Death stranding is free on epic right now and it qualifies as a unique walking simulator in my books

  2. Calling outer wilds a walking simulator is insane. 100% based on 3D space movement with jet packs and spaceships, with very little plain walking

  3. Calling outer wilds a walking simulator is insane. 100% based on 3D space movement with jet packs and spaceships, with very little plain walking

  4. These are pretty good suggestions. I would have personally added Road 96 too. It’s a Roguelike Walking Sim, which sounds gimmicky but it’s actually really well done.

  5. I will always recommend What Remains of Edith Finch as a top tier walking simulator. Really tells a story that only works in video games, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

  6. Shouldn’t *The Vanishing of Ethan Carter* also count as walking simulator? I liked that very much and was sucked into it’s story deep enough that its ending moved me almost to tears.

  7. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is one I like a lot, one of the most beautiful environments I’ve experienced in a game of that era, although it is a fairly short one. Layers of Fear is another awesome horror game in the category if you’re interested

  8. What remains of Edith finch was the second best game I played all last year. So, so good.

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