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Prime 5 video games, some about me, and a dialogue about video games.

Prime 5:
1 Hole Knight
2. Outer Wilds
3. Hyper Gentle Drifter
4.closing fantasy techniques advance
5. Darkish Souls 1

Some honorable mentions are:

Shadow of the Colossus
Portal 2
7 days to die
Advance Wars
Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages
Tremendous Mario Galaxy 2
Conker’s Unhealthy Fur Day
Metroid Zero Mission
Dragon Quest Builders (I can’t keep in mind which one was higher?)
Battlefield 3
Difficult Towers
Loss of life Stranding (not into different Kohima titles tho)
Divinity unique Sin
Salt & Sanctuary
If I’ve to select a preventing recreation: Def Jam Vendetta
If I’ve to select a JRPG: Yakuza Like a Dragon
If I’ve to select an MMO: FF14

I used to be born late 90s. I had entry to each console way back to the NES, and some previous to that even. I grew up enjoying Beavis and butthead (SNES?), Tremendous Mario 64, GTA San Andreas, Crash Bandicoot, Mario Kart 64, Jak and Daxter, Jet Power Jemini, Little Massive Planet, and Name of Responsibility.

Dialogue matter:
I’ve been seeing individuals speak about video games currently as in the event that they’ve been getting worse since some golden age presumably round ps2 period, and I can say with confidence that they’re unsuitable. Indie video games have been getting higher and higher and as you’ll be able to inform by my high 3 favorites of all time, I imagine they provide probably the most distinctive and fascinating experiences.

Suggestions are welcome!

Edit: ought to’ve put Stardew Valley on my honorable mentions oops. Too many video games to checklist

Comments ( 9 )

  1. If you’d like a therapeutic short game, I recommend A Short Hike

    It’s my go to recommendation due to how much I personally enjoy it, and if you played it before they added new achievements a while back and it’s worth a replay

  2. Games are definitely not getting worse.

    People are looking through nostalgia laden goggles, or maybe they value different things to what today’s games offer.

    People seem to forget that for every Ocarina of Time that was released we had Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. For every Super Mario Bros we had Superman 64. For every Goldeneye, we had ET. For every Crash Bandicoot we had Hugo 2.

    Trash/broken/unfinished/unpolished games have been flooding the market since gaming existed. They’ve been upsellimg gaming products and merchandise since day 1 too. Hell, arcade games were so hard and unfair to get you to spend extra quarters.

    My top 10 games have titles from the 90s, 00s, 10s and 20s. There have been so many great games in every era. So many disappointments, beloved franchises releasing awful titles, terrible movie-game tieins, adaptations etc. You just got to find what you like as people are still pumping out quality titles in every genre consistently. Not just indie titles, lots of AAA games are still much loved and enticing new fans regularly.

  3. My currently favorite Videogame is from the year 2021. I adore it and played through it 13 times since I bought it in March 2022.

    I am not quite as over the moon about its sequel that came out this month but its still a good fun game and I adore these characters.

    I also enjoyed Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Blue Fire. Bayonetta 3 droped the ball when it comes to the story but its overall still a good game. So yeah I enjoy plenty of modern titles.
    Gaming is great fore me right now.

    My favorite Videogame is “Fuga Melodies of Steel”.
    Its a 20 houer long turn based JRPG about a groupe of animal children that go on a quest to save there families.

    Its on most modern consoles, on Game Pass and it has a free demo which is just straight up the first 3 chapters of the game.
    If you like turn based JRPGs then I recommend this game.

  4. From 80s here. Playing since ps1. My top 5 are

    1. FFXIV
    2. Death Stranding
    3. Dragon Age (1)
    4. Mass Effect (all, even 3 because I think with 3 you play the end and not the last our is the end)
    5. not sure but I think it is FF X.

    As you can see I‘m rly into rpg and the whole experience. I think 5 years ago my answer would be completely different.

    I thoughts on that all games get worse is coming from, the lack off quality right now. 90% of the last released games are soo buggy. That is not bearable anymore.

    The other thing is, if you get older your time to play gets more precious because you have less of it. (So many adult things about to care) So you rly want to play what’s rly rly good because you don’t wanna spent your time on mediocre or even worse games.

    And so much money in the industry.
    Nr1 priority is to get more money from the player.
    In the past it was good gameplay and or a good story and of course money. Today is most money and how to get there on the cheapest way.

    (Some pictures from Batman vs. Gotham knights rly shocked me, the quality from a game wich is ten years older was du much better….)

    The 4. thing in my opinion, (almost) everything is shootergameplay today and I don‘t like it. The last shooter I played was CoD MW 1 because everyone was like „dude that game is soo goood the story is sick, bla bla“. Yes that was true, I also liked CoD 2 the beginning at the beach because that where outstanding experiences.

    English is not my main so sorry for typos and maybe weird sentences.

    Ah at least looking forward to:

    FF XVI AND Death Stranding 2

  5. 1. Pokemon Silver/Persona 5
    2. Tales of Symphonia
    3. Morrowind
    4. Half Life 2
    5. Megaman Zero

  6. My top 5

    1. C&C red alert 2/Yuris revenge
    2. TF WFC/FOC
    3. SW KOTOR
    4. Chrono Trigger
    5. Mass Effect Collection

    Been gaming since 86 and I always find myself going back to these. I rocked RTS mostly Dune, C&C, war/starcraft. With plenty of JRPG too FF I – VII, secret of mana, Luna SSS, Chrono Trigger etc.


    Less time to game now that I have a career and family but I still get to sit back and sink a few hours in to something new. Working through Digimon cyber sleuth collection atm.

  7. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty / Dead Space 2/ Assassin’s Creed 2 / Persona 5 & P5 Royal / Warcraft 3 + expansion

  8. your top 2 are the same as mine, flipped. try rain world if you haven’t already

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