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Mounting TV above Fire

Probably not positive the place else to go along with this query. For added context the house was in-built late 70’s and the hearth is unique. I do know that the chimney and fireside chamber are each made from brick.

My front room is very well set as much as have the TV mounted on the far finish, above the wood-burning hearth. Sadly, the wall instantly above and under the mantle is tiled over and I’m unsure what’s behind it.

The tile wall above the mantle sits 3” proud from the encompassing drywall whereas the tile under the mantle and on both aspect of the hearth sits about 1” recessed from the encompassing drywall. Due to that, I’m pondering that there’s about 4” lifeless area proper behind the above portion the place I can run wiring. What I don’t know is what’s behind that.

If it’s brick, then nice! I’ll get some actually lengthy tapcons or another fastener. If it’s studs and extra drywall, then I must know the place the studs are earlier than I do anything.

Do I must tear off a tile and make a gap to see what’s again there? Or is the reply apparent from the photographs/description.


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  1. Don’t do it unless you want a dead TV. Prob styrofoam underneath

  2. I would get your TV and set it up there, temporarily, just to be sure it’s where you want it. My friend mounted their TV over their fireplace and we both agree it’s too high and not comfortable for the size of the room.

  3. If you want to mount on the wall, you are likely going to have to remove a tile or two to find out what’s in the wall and locate studs if that’s what’s there.

    Alternatively, have you considered using a vertical mount hanging from the ceiling? If your joists are in the right place (or you have attic space where you can place some 2x4s) it would be simple to hang the TV down. You might think the pole is an eyesore though.

  4. Don’t put TVs that high

  5. Get legs and stand it on the mantle. Never mount on a fireplace/chimney

  6. You got a tough one here. First off, ignore the tvTooHigh crew, put it wherever the hell you want, never understood why they care so much about where you put your TV.

    As a 70s house, your are right that there is a high probability that there is brick there. Might sound weird, but have you tried banging on the wall with your fist? If the tile was set directly on the brick, it’s going to feel pretty solid. If it sounds hollow, lie drywall, you can try a strong magnet, there is a small chance it may find a screw.

    Also, what’s on the otherside of this wall?

    As others have suggested, removing a tile or two may be the only way. If you remove one behind where the TV will go, it may hide it we’ll enough. Remove the grout first and try to pop the tile.

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