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Lpt Uninterested in being drained whenever you get up

Sleep cycles are round an hour and a half, all you might want to do is change your alarm to match some increment of 1.5 hours and you will by no means be drained within the morning once more (remember so as to add like 20 minutes to account for falling asleep). You’ll really feel higher sleeping 6 hours than sleeping 7 since you missed the 7 and a half hour cycle.

Sleep 9, 7.5 or 6 hours an evening and actually change your life. I’ve executed this each evening for 4 years and the additional 40 seconds of psychological math earlier than mattress is so goddamn value it.

Comments ( 6 )

  1. Falling asleep in 20 minutes… laughing and crying right now. Count your blessings!

    When I lay down, after taking sleeping pills… will it 30 minutes or 3 hours before I sleep… who knows!?!

    I’m over here just trying to get 6 hrs of sleep a night and failing miserably!

  2. This is true and I have been doing it for some time now, but some people might have shorter sleeping cycles.

  3. Not sure this is a good tip considering everybody needs a different amount of sleep.

  4. One thing I’d add: you don’t have to precise. You want to wake up close to the beginning or end of a cycle. The 20 minutes to account for falling asleep isn’t a bad idea, but I’d probably use 30.

    This is part of the reason why 8 hours has always been recommended. It gives you 30 mins to fall asleep with 5 sleep cycles (5 x 90 mins = 7.5 hours).

    Last thing I’ll add is this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get up quickly. I used to wake up without an alarm clock and just lay in bed.

    It bugged me so much I ended up building an app to force me to get up. If I didn’t get up and scan my toothpaste barcode within a few mins of my alarm, I’d have to pay $10.

    App is called Nuj Alarm Clock if anyone’s curious.

  5. Better tip:

    Open your window and look outside at the brightly lit landscape.

    If you start working early or the sun rises late where you live, get a daylight lamp for reptiles (important, you dont want one of the expensive and pretty useless “daylight” ones for human use).

    Open your eyes wide, (dont look directly at the sun or the hotspot of the lamp) and get as much daylight into your eyes as possible for about 2minutes.


    Also drink half 1/2l of water within 30min of getting up. You’ve not been drinking anything for hours and are probably dehydrated.

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