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I by no means knew what console I performed on after I was little

SOLVED: It was a goddamn duplicate. Simply after I thought I performed on a Nintendo in my life. Sads

Edit: It was a Terminator 2 Console. I might not have discovered it myself. Holy shit!! Thanks all!!

So, again in my youth, we used to play on a console that in Romanian we might name “Sport on TV” (sure, very identify lol) (perhaps there are romanians right here who may know) and it had the Duck Hunt recreation, Mario, the tank recreation the place you could possibly destroy brick partitions and needed to destroy the enemy’s eagle and a ninja recreation the place you play in a forest climbing bushes and throw shurikens at enemies.There have been extra video games however these I keep in mind clearly.

We additionally had the dischettes/cassetes that had “999 video games in 1” written on them.
I searched on-line and it appears like Nintendo 64, however I dont keep in mind having the controllers with the third deal with within the iddle. I believe they regarded like a PS controller.

Was that console N64 or somerhing else?


Comments ( 4 )

  1. Fairly sure it was the Nintendo entertainment system, (the Nes ) since it had both duck hunt and Mario games

  2. Those would be NES games, but if the situation was anything like it was here, and as your 999 in 1 cart would suggest, it was probably an NES clone.

    I still have mine (2 of them, actually) and they are labeled as NASA, lol.

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