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Enjoyable (possibly story led) video games for a pair

I’ve been tremendous drained just lately with a number of work deadlines and being pregnant, so have simply felt like curling up each night time. I’m consequently too exhausted to play my regular favorite sim and technique sort video games.

Nonetheless, my husband and I additionally love taking part in video games collectively. So I hoped for some suggestions that we will have some relaxed enjoyable with on the couch (ideally laptop, however we even have a change, ps4 and Xbox x)?

For context, Subnautica is our absolute favorite sport that we’ve got performed collectively. We cherished the explorative play, immerse storyline and the concern of the deep. Different video games we’ve got loved collectively embody Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Shadow of the Colossus, Overcooked, Resident evil 2 remake and many others. We do additionally benefit from the Pokémon video games on the change. We additionally just lately tried Dredge and, whereas the mechanics had been actually cool, we felt the general story was as a bit missing.

We like a number of genres and don’t thoughts taking turns. I’d simply desire one thing not too strategic or micro-management heavy atm. We have now performed numerous the classics however not every little thing, so would admire each basic and extra particular suggestions.

Many thanks upfront!

Comments ( 7 )

  1. It takes two is a perfect game for couples to play together. One of my favorites of all time and some amazing memories with my wife

  2. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – fun crew game where you drive a spaceship.

    Terraria – side scrolling arcade/exploration game with a lot of item progression.

    Deep Rock Galactic – Loot and Shoot dwarves in space. Very welcoming wholesome community.

  3. Are you able to get LittleBigPlanet for PS4? I loved those games so much. They were even fun solo but the real fun is in co-op and playing online.

  4. A way out

    It takes two

    Lego [insert franchise]


    Trine series (skip 3 as the story wasn’t finished in 3, 4 is good)


    Saints row 3/4

    Dawn of war 2

    Manual Samuel

    Divinity original sin

  5. Check out some games by Hazelight Studios. They could be just the games you’re after.

  6. I’d high recommend terraria, A Way Out,mans Detroit become human.

    Both are multiplayer games, with terraria being more fun and a sandbox game.
    A way out and Detroit are more story based.

    In terms of single player story games you could take turns on, I’d probably say


    -Sifu (less story, more gameplay based. Pretty difficult.)


    -Returnal (gameplay based. Also difficult.)


    Also Re4 remake (action focused, so much less conservation involved than other games.)
    Re7-great horror experience.

  7. Far Cry 5,6. Dead island 2, Dying Light 1-2, monster Hunter world. Or any Soulslike-Game with a summon-mechanic even when it’s a bit tedious. But there is a great coop mod for Elden ring on pc

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