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Does rubbish disposal want it is personal outlet?

Present state of affairs: I’ve a rubbish disposal that’s plugged into an outlet underneath my kitchen sink. The rubbish disposal activates at any time when I flip a change close to my sink.

I put in a reverse osmosis system in my kitchen and plugged it into the identical outlet as the rubbish disposal

My drawback: The reverse osmosis system solely will get energy when I’ve the change turned on for the rubbish disposal.

My query: Is there a manner for me to have the reverse osmosis system get energy from the shared outlet with out having the rubbish disposal on 24/7?

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  1. It’s possible. The most-important question is whether the power goes from your breaker, to the outlet, to the switch, or from the breaker, to the switch, then to the outlet. If it’s the former, the wiring is easy. If it’s the latter, you’d need to run another wire from the switch box to the outlet box.

  2. Depends on the draw of the osmosis system. Might be able to wire a new outlet of the kitchen outlets.

  3. InSinkerator makes an airswitch that you can plug an instahot and a disposal into. The outlet for the instahot is hot when the disposal outlet is off. When you switch on the disposal, the instahot is switched off. Part number is STSDualOutlet and costs ~$130.

  4. Outlets have a tab in them that can be removed to enable only one of the two outlets to be switched (half-hot wiring), as long as a 3 strand Romex was used for the switch.

    Everything you need is here: [](

  5. You can buy a duplex outlet that has one switched receptacle and one “always on” receptacle. Ease of installation will depend on how your house is wired.

    [Additional info](

  6. It’s not the outlet that matters, it’s the circuit. How many amps is the circuit for the disposal? What else is on the circuit? How many amps is the disposal rated for? How many amps is the RO system rated for?

    You’re generally not supposed to add stuff to the garbage disposal circuit.

  7. Depends…..are you a fan of campy eighties horror movies?

  8. What does a RO system need power for? Odd.

  9. If your power from the switch to the outlet is run through conduit, there’s an easy fix. You simply run an extra wire through the conduit and power half of the outlet always and half is controlled by the switch. If power is run via Romex, then it gets a little trickier. Ultimately, you need to run power to under the sink or relocate the water purifier.

  10. They make these vacuum-tube switches for garbage disposals. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but i remember reading that they give you a button to turn on your garbage disposal in situations where a switch was never installed.

    Now, to use this you would need the switch flipped to the “on” position 24/7, but your disposal won’t be on 24/7 because you can control it with this vacuum switch.

  11. I had a similar issue when I added a dishwasher. I bought one of these and it’s great.

    didikit Garbage Disposal Wireless…

    Way easier than trying to figure out wiring

  12. Im going to get murdered for this, but I just use the red switch on a power strip to turn on or off my garbage disposal. Been doing it like that for 6 years now. Cheap and simple.

  13. You could always run an extension cord to the next room.

  14. You don’t need one. I grew up on septic and they’re not necessary.

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