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Darkish Matter by Blake Crouch (no spoilers!)

“Are you cheerful together with your life? These are the final phrases that Jason Dessen hears earlier than the masked abductor knocks him unconscious. Earlier than he awakens to search out himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers in hazmat fits…”

It was SO good.
So fascinating, intense, page-turning, irritating, and memorable.
I couldn’t put this e-book down! I began it final week and completed it right now and contemplating I had finals week for school I feel I learn it fairly quick as a result of it was THAT good. It’s by far the perfect sci-fi e-book I’ve ever learn, with Mission Hail Mary being a detailed second. I couldn’t anticipate how the e-book would finish, however it couldn’t have ended higher. This e-book took me on a journey and I felt that I knew the characters and linked with them personally! What extra may you need from a e-book? In case you are AT ALL a fan of sci-fi, you might want to learn this e-book. 5 stars is just not sufficient for this e-book however I’ll accept 5 stars.
In the event you’ve learn this e-book I’d love to listen to your opinions and expertise.
In the event you haven’t learn this e-book, I hope you do!

Comments ( 21 )

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  2. Any time Dark Matter gets brought up in this sub, someone will inevitably recommend Recursion by the same author. Today that someone is me! I liked both. Recursion went more balls to the wall than I ever could have imagined.

  3. I loved this book! It’s what got me back into reading again (I was burned out after college and then couldn’t find time to pick it back up amidst my regular 60 hour workweeks).

    Different themed book, but after I finished Dark Matter, my wife recommended The Oracle Year by Charles Soule – loved it as well!

  4. Dark matter is a banger. I also started the wayward pines trilogy, and finished book one the other day

  5. I love that you loved it because I really enjoyed it too. I listened to it as an audiobook while on a road trip, and its opening in particular was *so* gripping that after I started it, I feel like I totally lost track of the drive while I drove across the width of a fair-sized Midwestern US state.

  6. This book was the very definition of an airport read in all the right ways. I grabbed it on the way home from a business trip because I had finished my other book, and it took me almost the exact length of the trip to read. Fastest plane ride I’ve ever had.

  7. I think I was browsing Goodreads and found it as a highly rated mystery/thriller (or something) and I absolutely loved it. 5/5 and I wish I could give it more. Guess as u/cosmic-dentist recommends I’ll have to read Recursion next (after I finish Lonesome Dove).

  8. Yeah I’m gonna have to go ahead and … disagree with you there.

  9. One of my all time favs and one of the few books I have read in one sitting.

    Side note, do not be put off if you’re not a sci Fi fan. It’s not overly sci fi in my opinion (I’m not usually a fan either)

  10. Every female character in the Crouch books I’ve read exists for the male main character (this one and *Pines*). His writing style is so repetitive. Even when the character is doing the most mundane thing, he’s writing it like a tense action sequence. He can never stick the ending either. It feels like he writes himself into a corner.

    His books are like microwave popcorn. It’s edible, but it could be better in so many ways.

    The tricky thing about it too is that the first 50 pages are very good, so you’re invested, and then he writes 200 more torturous pages.

    Unless someone is desperate for something to read, I wouldn’t recommend it. At least reading *Dark Matter* has made me more careful to check the author name before I start!

  11. Dark Matter and Recursion are fun books. Upgrade was awful. Also if you like these books you might like The Gone World. A bit darker though. Sea of Tranquillity is interesting too.

  12. I read this a few weeks ago. And I really loved it.

    Just as the OP said; it’s a real rip-roarer of a story. I guess it fits into sci-fi which I am usually not a fan of, but I really loved this.

    I plan to read more of his stuff, in particular The Pines and Recursion.

    Great writer.

  13. Man, this one was a huge miss for me. I see lots of people talking it up, like in this thread, and it makes me question their taste lol

    A lot of it didn’t make sense even in-universe. Even from the very beginning, the thing that sets the main character apart from the other characters should have made the entire rest of the plot impossible due to a certain missing cube-shaped object.

    Then basically every step of the way the impossibilities stacked up. By the end the planet should have collapsed into a black hole due to the sheer mass coming into it.

    The love story was also so arbitrary. Would you just pick whoever happened to show up first? It’s kind of scary to hear people say they’d connect with that decision, given how much of a random shrug it is. Calling the wife one-dimensional would be giving her too much depth.

    Even the “random” choice at the end wouldn’t have solved anything given the premise.

  14. It was a good thriller propped up on a sci-fi angle. It did not satisfy my sci-fi needs in the least though. I don’t know what weight we should give TAGS on goodreads but this book made me reconsider… a tag might be a slippery way of marketing your book in one category when the writing style and what it does as a book is entirely different. I can’t put thrillers down and I love that. I can put a sci-fi book down and just wade in the still water of the world I am sucked into.

  15. I don’t normally quit books I start reading but this is one of the few. Im glad you liked it but to me it was one of the most predictable, cliche, and campy books I have ever attempted to read. After rolling my eyes 20 times in the first 3 chapters, I was done.

  16. LOVE!!! One of my favorites 5/5 stars. Read Recursion next if you haven’t yet!

  17. I liked the book too! The whole book feels like an sci fi action movie and I’m all for it

    Try out “Recursion” by the same author. I thought it was good too…!

  18. I finished this yesterday and it was pretty good. I can see why people didn’t like it though. I think what its got going for it is that its short and fast paced, so it doesn’t stay long enough for the characters/writing style to get too annoying – but its also its downfall, I didn’t care enough about any of the characters because they’re wasn’t enough depth there, I was mainly interested in the ideas and the way it played out.

    I liked the ‘twist’ (in the later third), but I do think it would have been a far better >!If he never made it ‘home’ because its the damn multiverse of infinity – that bleakness was great, but it got resolved and hand waved away pretty easily.!<

  19. I read Dark matter and than Replay based on this sub’s recommendations.

    I no longer believe in this sub’s popular recommendations.

  20. Agreed. I absolutely loved this book.

  21. Damn, that extract you quoted – whether from the book or the marketing blurb – is peak self-published amateur stuff. I don’t even know if the author is self-published or not, but I’m sure never reading it based on that.

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