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Anchoring a wall mattress with no ground studs ???

I purchased a wall mattress equipment to get further sleeping lodging in my area. To my shock, the ground is outwardly not layered with a wood stud- solely a steel monitor holding up the wall itself.

How can I safe the wall mattress to the bottom of the wall with out the danger of it breaking the wall and/or molding aside when in use? I am caught.

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  1. There’s probably a sill plate down there, it just not as high as you think. Your floor is built up with underlayment and flooring so only about 3/4″ of the sill plate is above your floor level.

    Get toggle bolts that have good tensile strength to deal with the moment forces at the base when raising/lowering your bed.

    Your other option is to move the bed over to locate a stud. You should be able to get two of the four screws into a stud, then use the anchors for the other two in each bracket.

  2. Sounds like metal studs, which are ridiculously flimsy and can’t bear any point loads to my knowledge.

  3. Could anchor down into the floor? Should give plenty of bite just into the flooring.

    Or run some pine base molding that ties into studs, and anchor to that.

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