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Questions on masters

Hello simply needed to ask this right here. I’m a rising senior majoring in economics. I’m taking a look at presumably getting a masters in information science down the street. I’ve a little bit of expertise with R and just lately I’ve been attempting out Python and SQL. The factor I’m most apprehensive about is the maths conditions. I’ve taken the Calc sequence and Linear Algebra, and subsequent yr I’m going to take Calculus primarily based Econometrics, however I don’t have time to take Calculus primarily based Principle of Stats and Principle of Chance. Are these necessities or are you able to fulfill them within the masters courses?

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  1. Hey! I came from a similar background—BA/MA econ undergrad that went into stats PhD with ML / DS focus.

    Those classes aren’t required, but strongly encouraged since most people will have taken those before applying.

    If you’re worried about the content itself, probability you can work through yourself before the MS—Wackerly’s math stats text is an undergraduate level text and Casella & Berger is a solid intro / transitioning to grad level math stats. If you’ve taken a calc series and linear
    algebra you should have enough to work through these and get some online help when needed.

    Otherwise, I’m sure they’ll go through some probability and basic math stats at a similar level for the DS MS, *depending* on the particular MS. Some are more theoretical than others.

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