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Query about peeling paint

Greetings. I took off the hand rails on my stairs to refinish it and and all of the paint on the sides is peeling off right down to the very first layer of paint that sits on high of the plaster.

Every little thing I am studying / taking a look at on-line says to correctly repair it I must peel off all of the paint and begin on that backside layer. My query is: how do I paint that high layer with out inflicting the identical subject once more? I do not wish to repeat the identical mistake.

My hope is that I needn’t sand something… it is very possible lead paint (or not less than, I will fake it’s) and clearly I wish to create as little mud as doable.


Edit: Pic for reference

Comments ( 4 )

  1. Looks they didn’t clean the first layer properly. It peels to easy there’s no bond between the layers. Remove old paint and clean thoroughly then use fixating spray or something to ensure proper layer bonding.

  2. Remove all the peeling paint, wipe it down with a mild soap-water solution (since you’re not going to sand), let it dry, apply a good solid primer like [ZINSSER B-I-N Advanced Synthetic Shellac Primer](, and then coat it with two coats of a good paint from Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore.

    Edit: I’d recommend getting a lead paint test kit just so you know. If it isn’t lead paint, then lightly sand before applying a primer.

  3. 90% of paint problems are caused by improper surface preparation. Clean the surface and/or prime.

  4. Oh hey, look! Someone took a photo of my house! I have these everywhere because I never prepped the walls prior to painting.

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