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Non permanent shade for RV

I am at present residing in an RV in a gravel lot with out bushes. I want to put up some poles to hold shade sail/material from. This subject is that I am renting the lot so I can not cement within the poles. I used to be fascinated about utilizing 5 gallon buckets full of concrete with the poles within the concrete.

That is my thought. I am 4 posts with their very own bucket. A wire line between the 2 posts closest to the RV and a wire line between the 2 posts which might be away from RV. The shade material can have gromits that may permit the wire to cross by. That is to permit me to bundle up the shade material in excessive winds.

There are some days with excessive wind advisory and I usually dont permit my awning not noted unsupervised as a consequence of wind being unpredictable. There are days that we are able to have a number of days of excessive wild advisory and usually my RV will probably be rocked facet to facet on these days. Are the 5 gallon buckets going to be sufficient to carry onto the posts?

Comments ( 3 )

  1. 5 gal bucket with concrete weighs about 100 pounds. You should be fine.

  2. The buckets will hold on to the posts, but depending on the wind speed, the posts could blow over. Those posts will be tall relative to the width of the base, and the shade sail has a lot of square footage. I wouldn’t do it.

  3. The force of the wind is magnified by the size of the sail.

    I wouldn’t do it.

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