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LPT: When static shocks begin to turn out to be an issue, use a coin to discharge constructed up static onto metals painlessly!

Since dry climate is developing in lots of components of the world, be sure you hold a coin with you always.

Use it to switch your constructed up static fees out of your physique onto metallic – with none shock or ache!

This works since you’re permitting the discharge to occur onto a a lot bigger contact floor (pores and skin -> coin, as a substitute of pores and skin -> air, which concentrates power in a really small space, stunning you).

Thus, the power potential is decrease. The coin is efficiently in a position to take up and dissipate the warmth attributable to its excessive thermal mass.

Except, after all, you wish to really feel like you might have superpowers or one thing, in that case, shock away!

Comments ( 8 )

  1. I’ve mastered the art of using my thumb nail. (Not the tip, but the flat top of it.) Clears the charge and no pain.

  2. But then how would I shout “Unlimited Power!’?

  3. Another way is to discharge the spark with the nuckle of your finger. In this way, the electricity flows through a relatively thin layer of skin with fewer pain receptors. It’s nearly painless.

  4. Can you make it a little more clear? Do I just keep the coin in the pocket? I’m guessing I need to take it out and touch a metal object with the coin?

  5. LPT: When static shocks start to become a problem, poke a sibling, partner or coworker’s ear lobe to discharge built up static entertainingly.

  6. I use my wedding ring, always at hand. 🙂

  7. I hope this works. I have such a static problem that I recently removed my sweater in the dark, while wearing a shirt underneath, and I created **visual static/light.** I didn’t even know that was possible in my 30+ years of living lol.

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