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How can Blizzard, a single studio, be so inconsistent?

in the previous couple of years they:


– Overwatch: Stopped updates for OW1 simply to “work” on the PvE of OW2 and launch a brand new sport, simply to scrap that and go away us with a shitty OW and a grasping monetization system

-Diablo: Releasing a really good remake of D2, engaged on a really strong D4 (I loved a lot the betas), AND on the similar time releasing that abomination of a cell sport

– WoW: Apparently, now WoW is best than it has been for years (I do not play, however my buddies that do inform me so. The sensation appears to be the identical on the subreddits of the sport)

– Warcraft: Releasing w3 remaster that may be a lesser model than the unique whereas eradicating the outdated model

– Hearthstone: I do not know what is going on with these weirdos


So How can one studio be so inconsistent with its high quality? and What’s your opinion on Blizzard proper now?

Comments ( 15 )

  1. It’s a studio of hundreds of developers.

  2. Different teams make different games. The people working on Diablo aren’t the ones working on WoW, etc.

    I think given their recent controversies they are trying to redeem themselves. I haven’t played any of their games for a while but so far I’m pretty happy with Diablo 4 and had a ton of fun with the betas. They seems to be listening to feedback far more than usual as well.

    I’m looking forward to Diablo 4 because I haven’t no lifed a game for a weekend for a long time and had that much fun.

  3. Because consumers reward inconsistency with purchases.

  4. Blizzard started as a small studio with a singular goal of building worlds they themselves would enjoy playing. This is the era of Diablo 1+2, Warcraft 1-3, WoW, StarCraft Brood War, the real titans of Blizzard’s catalog. Then, they sold to Activision, and instead of seeking to create amazing worlds that they themselves would like to play in, they now just churn out garbage because it sells with the name Blizzard attached to it, due to those aforementioned great games. Almost none of the folks who worked on the games people love still work there, or want anything to do with the machine it has become. Rant over.

    Genuinely ask yourself, what are the best games that blizzard has released in the last 10 years? I would argue that the answer is ‘re-releases of games that were actually good’, Even then, they managed to miss on 1/3.

  5. My bet is on suit execs constantly breathing down on developers necks demanding less costs and more earnings, cutting funding from teams that don’t abide, constantly meddling in creative efforts. But who knows for sure.

  6. Diablo 2 was a decent game but not many fun builds. It’s also boring as fuck even on /players 8 setting. Was about 10 years ago when I first tried D2. Played as typical summoner Necro, beat all 3 difficulties in a few days and then didn’t touch it again (it just didn’t call to me like other ARPG’s did) til like 2 years ago to try summoner Druid on /players 8. On the other hand I have hundreds of hours playing Grim Dawn and more then half a dozen chars cause there are so many builds to try.

  7. A studio produces great stuff when the heads are passionate about what the studio does. But when corporate suits take over the business, then it’s all over. They just look at short-term figures for their shareholders, which will progress their own business careers. They don’t even care about what the company actually does. That’s my take at least. Feel free to disagree.

  8. 1. WoW is garbage since Legion.
    2. D2 Remaster wasn’t made by Blizzard! It was outsourced to VV.
    3. Overwatch was always crap.

    People still think Blizz are the people who made Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo but all these people are LONG GONE!
    Blizzard is just a bunch of SJWs and Feminists nowadays.

  9. First Blizzard has been consistent pretty much the entire time. It’s just the gamers that have been cherry-picking stuff and either call it good or call it bad.


    If Blizzard released a shitty PVE addon for Overwatch the same people would be asking why they didn’t just cancel that addon.

    Diablo : By all accounts the mobile game is populaire no? Plus it’s easy money for very little investment. Yea the pc gamers don’t like it but they got D2, 3 and now 4.

    WoW: WoW has always had it’s ups and downs.

  10. It’s bobbys world and we’re just living in it

  11. Copium is seriously high with people acting like 2023 Blizzard is remotely similar to old Blizzard. Must be blizzard/Activison employees promoting the game.

  12. Blizzard has been shit since the merge with Activision. I don’t care if D4 is a 10/10 masterpiece, these guys won’t have another dime from me.

  13. Diablo 2 remake wasn’t done by blizzard is the key. They don’t care about anything but money, make no mistake. WoW is only good as a massively outdated boring ass MMO. The only reason it’s “good” is because it’s still around and no one has any other option besides FF14.

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