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Books referencing modern-day

I all the time really feel bizarre studying fictional books that reference modern-day issues. Like if covid is talked about, or the rest particular to the alst few years, it simply feels odd. Prefer it feels bizarre understanding that the books are going down *on this life* and never a totally made up universe that simply has the identical locations. It is simply, I do not know, seems like they need to be in their very own world and never joined to ours. I learn to flee actuality, however once they deliver actuality in it simply feels odd. Does anybody know what I imply? Is that this s me factor?

Comments ( 7 )

  1. Then dont read books about modern times

  2. That’s fine if that’s your preference, but I certainly wouldn’t say that anyone else’s fiction should or should not do *x*.

    But to answer your question, I don’t feel that way; some of my favorite works are set in the real world. But then, some of my other favorites are set in an entirely different universe.

  3. I differ in that I don’t really read to escape reality, so I don’t really mind if they reference something modern like video games, or COVID etc.

    Kind of depends what I’m reading though and what the context is

  4. I prefer it when books exist within the 60s-80s.

  5. It does distract me in fiction when I see a reference to a real celebrity or recent topics. I don’t find it very negative, but it does get me thinking about how recently it was published and pull me out of the story a bit. No more than words I have to look up or interesting turns of phrase.

  6. Not me, I like a little realism in my fiction when it takes place on modern day Earth. For example, I like works of fiction that reference the covid pandemics, like how the movie “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” did. It makes the story more believable and plausible and thus more immersive.

  7. I think for me it depends on the level. Massive, long-lasting, and impactful things like Covid or social media as a general concept are fine. But hyperspecific references and slang used to make it appealing to teens/young adults is just cringy and uncomfortable and becomes outdated quickly.

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