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Bookclub and Sources Wednesday!

Hello all people,

Welcome to our weekly e book advice thread!

Now we have discovered that lots of people come to this sub to ask for books about historical past or sources on sure matters. Others make posts a few e book they themselves have learn and need to share their ideas about it with the remainder of the sub.

We thought it could be a good suggestion to try to bundle these posts collectively a bit. One large weekly put up the place all people can ask for books or (re)sources on any historic topic or timeperiod, or to share books they just lately found or learn. Giving opinions or asking about their factuality is inspired!

After all it’s not restricted to *simply* books; podcasts, movies, and so on. are additionally welcome. As a reminder, [r/history]( past/) additionally has a advisable checklist of issues to learn, take heed to or watch

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  1. I’ll probably finish Caroline Dodd Pennock’s On Savage Shores tonight.
    You can hear an interview with her over at The New Books Network: [](

    I’ve got big praise for this book. It’s fascinating. She has some writerly quirks I found annoying at first but now I enjoy. But the book is very revealing about things I had no idea about. The amount of AmerIndian people who went to Europe, either as slaves, servants, spouses/sex partners, diplomats, or advocates for their communities was much larger than I ever imagined, and happening way before I ever imagined.

    The book is fairly short, 250ish pages before notes. But the notes are interesting and I’ve found some good recommendations in the book for further reading.

    I’ve been lucky to be on a good streak of books recently. I finished Pekka Hamalainen’s Indigenous Continent last week and Megan Kate Nelson’s Three Cornered War right before that. All three books compliment each other but are wonderful on their own. I’d recommend them all, but this Pennock book has really been fascinating.

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