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At my level in profession, ought to I do an internship?

To this point, my profession is being a PhD researcher then a postdoc in physics. I’d identify “Information scientist in all however identify” as I used to be doing machine/deep studying, statistical evaluation, knowledge administration, knowledge validation, massive knowledge, simulations, yadda yadda.

Nevertheless, that’s subjective. If an employer recognises these previous experiences as knowledge sciences associated, then I can declare 6 years of expertise in knowledge sciences and goal for seniority positions. In that state of affairs, me falling again to a DS internship could possibly be a foul transfer and look off in a CV.

The opposite means round, if an employer doesn’t recognise that as legitimate data-related expertise, then I’ve 0 years and I come off as presumptuous in claiming the title of “knowledge scientist”. In that state of affairs, an internship is an effective transfer such that I’d have this primary “legitimate” DS place and construct on that.

What do you all assume?

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Defnitely worth it. It makes you stand out above the rest of the crowd. Plus during your internship they may hire you on full time before you finish your ph.d

  2. Two things:

    1. At least in Europe, “internships” are typically avaliable for MSc students. So you would be overqualified, and/or they wouldn’t be legally able to hire you in this position.

    2. If you have a PhD in Physics and 2 years of postdoctoral experience, and yet a potential employer would see it as 0yrs of experience, then that’s a place you probably don’t want to work at IMO.
    Yentry level positions are hard to find and you shouldn’t expect to be in a senior position, but still your qualifications would match a typical position for someone with 1-2yrs of experience.

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