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Are the Junior / Entry Stage – Information Scientist positions disappeared ?!

I lately graduated with a Grasp’s in Information Science and am looking out to start out my profession as a knowledge scientist. In my area (Netherlands) for the previous 2,5 months, I can not discover junior information scientist positions.

I utilized to greater than 70 firms for (medior) information scientist (2-4 years exp), and information scientist (4+ years exp.) positions and I’m solely getting rejections.

A lot of the rejections are as a consequence of they discovered one other candidate that could be a higher match for the function and since they require extra years {of professional} expertise. Another replies encourage me that junior positions will open sooner or later.

Is anybody else that’s struggling to discover a job or am I doing one thing incorrect?

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  1. [Your title kind of reminded me of this scene](

    But yea it does seem like entry level is the hardest hit ~~”type”~~ experience level (couldn’t think of this phrase earlier) of job in this sub

  2. I mean, it sounds like more people applying have experience than are new grads. To compete, you need the experience of your competition.

  3. Data science isn’t really a noob career, sadly. Kind of high-skilled from the start

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