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Sliding glass door alternative recommendation wanted

Now we have a sliding glass door the place the glass is fogged badly in and has its personal eco system occurring between the panes of glass. After researching a good quantity we perceive that this can’t be mounted with the glass now we have because the seal within the home windows has failed and isn’t serviceable. It’s appears wasteful (and costly at $1000 +/-) that the glass must be changed when it’s superb – it’s the seal that has failed. In fact that’s the rub, how does somebody restore the seal and exchange the inert fuel that was between the panes of glass?

Mainly, is that this true? Do I must have new glass put in with good seals to be rid of my sliding glass door terrarium? If that’s the case it would value the roughly the identical to purchase a brand new sliding door ($1,000-1,500) and exchange the complete sliding door and body. It will truly be an improve for us because the doorways at Dwelling Depot I’ve checked out which might be roughly our doorways dimensions are nicer than the builder grade junk now we have put in with the failed seals.

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  1. Those glass packs are manufactured in very specific conditions to keep contaminants out and seal in a specific gas mixture. It would be difficult to replicate outside of that environment, like hard drives or semiconductors (at the extreme).

  2. You may be able to take the door panel out of the frame and have just the glass replaced at a local shop.

  3. We had a similar issue last year – the cost of replacing just the glass was more than purchasing a new door at Menards. We replaced the door ourselves. I still feel like it was wasteful and wish replacing the glass had been more cost effective.

  4. I have had argon-filled glass replaced in existing windows. It has been decades though, so I don’t know where you would go. I would contact any manufacturer and see if they can sell you the whole fully-sealed glass-argon-glass component.

    On my windows there was a little plastic strip surrounding the glass that was a snap-in equivalent to the paste-like glazing material that might seal in a single-pane window glass. Pop the plastic out and the entire glass-sandwich comes out and was replaceable.

    Good luck.

    The trick of course is finding a manufacturer that will create one for you. Then transporting it.

  5. Can’t be done or repaired just replace

  6. As someone who manufactures windows and doors, no, you cannot fix the glass already in the panel at home. But you may be able to replace the glass in that panel. But that will depend on how the panel itself is made. If it is a welded sash with glazing bead holding the glass in place, then yes you could replace that. But at that point you would need somewhere who would sell insulated glass units, and you would need to know the size and the thickness of the IG used in that panel to replace it.

    As for price, if you do find a place that would produce an insulated tempered glass unit for the PD sash panel, and you could do the work yourself replacing it, it would most likely cost $300 per an Insulated Glass Unit.

    Another option is to contact the manufacturing of that Door and see how much just a sash replacement cost. It may cost a little more but it would be a lot less work involved just replacing the sash itself.

  7. Check this company out. In canada but dont charge duty. Still need your measurements but so many tutorials on youtube. Good luck

  8. Yes, a replacement glass unit would be about $1000 depending on make up. No, I would not recommend you trying to replace it yourself. There is a lot of technical information you need to properly order the replacement and the necessary tools like glass cups to properly install it without hurting yourself. It might make sense to upgrade the entire slider if you can actually get one for $1500 but you also have to factor in delivery, installation, materials, silicone etc, trimming out the interior. Redoing the exterior stucco or siding unless it is a retrofit.

  9. I’m a GC with a wide skill set. I have neither the knowledge, tools or skills to fix an integrated glass unit (IGU).

    Personally, I’d either replace the IGU or the entire slider depending upon it’s condition. Replacing the IGU is fairly easy. Replacing the entire slider requires more skill and knowledge, especially when you include flashing, siding, mill work, drywall, etc.

    [Here’s]( an article about your issue.

  10. I had the glass on my sliding door replaced two years ago for $500. $375 for glass, $125 for labor. I can’t believe replacing the door would be cheaper.

  11. Yeah there likely is no cost effective fix.You may be able to replace the seal unit but I wouldn’t bother. A whole new door is the best option. Once the seal is gone there is no magic fix. And if you can replace that seal unit for a few hundred then the other one will go south. So you will be into more money than a new door which will be better than the cheapo builder grade.

  12. If you consider the big picture of home value, convenience, and maintainability, a very good case can be made for replacing old sliding glass doors with the in-stock French Door or other hinged door in standard sizing at local home centers. Sometimes it’s cheaper to change the framing than to buy a custom door. Most sliding doors waste half the opening with a fixed window/door. You can get a lot more usable door width having a hinged door. You can also get more modern low E double pane glass and with interior blinds, saving the expense of other blinds/curtains.

  13. Replace the whole door unit

  14. Thanks for all the reply’s, I appreciate it. It’s a lot of money to drop so I want to do my due diligence and make sure I’m doing the right thing.

    I’ll start looking into replacing the entire slider unit. I’ve never replaced one of these before on my own and want to make sure I cover my bases before hand.

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