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Replace: Out of doors spigot leaking

Replace to a submit I made final week a few leaking Woodford 17 faucet

We obtained the vacuum breaker half restore package. Husband went out to put in it and located the plastic cap wouldn’t come off. He tried utilizing a screwdriver to pry it off as proven in numerous restore movies, however it would not budge. He lastly had to make use of pliers and twist it off and located that the highest half of the breaker plastic physique was caught contained in the cap, whereas the underside half threads had been nonetheless inside the tap. It seems that the physique was actually glued into the tap as a result of the threaded half is NOT popping out now. He tried working it out with each a screwdriver and utility knife however no luck. The physique additionally appears to have been glued into the cap as a result of that will not come out both.

Pics right here

Our development is comparatively new, 5 years previous. Is there any situation the place these threads could be held quick inside the tap with out being glued? Husband desires to ship an offended e-mail to the builders to search out out what is going on on however I am questioning if there’s an alternate clarification.

EDIT: additionally questioning what our choices are for getting that threaded half out, or do we’ve to exchange the entire faucet?

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Overtorqued could do it.

    Heat the metal or burn off the plastic.

  2. Nail polish remover to dissolve the glue/plastic piece enough to pull it out might work.

  3. Poke around the threads with an awl or screwdriver to remove the extra material.

    It should be ready for the replacement piece after you clear the old stuff.

  4. Looks to me like someone used silicon to lock it in there. You can probably remove it with some WD-40, vinegar, or isopropyl alcohol. Heating up the assembly with a torch lighter would also do the trick.

    The Woodford 17 is about as well made of a silcock as you can get, but if for some reason you do decide to replace the assembly I recommend sleeving the pipe with a piece of 1-inch pvc. You need the cheap low-pressure thin wall stuff, not schedule 40. It helps to insulate the pipe and makes future replacement much simpler.

  5. Just replace the whole thing with a shark bite version. Sure it might cost 20 dollars more but it will actually work.

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