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Query about utilizing chatGPT to help my Knowledge Analytic studying

I requested chatGPT to create workout routines for me to observe Python programming fundamentals. I wish to ask you all if the workout routines are any good. I requested chatGPT to give attention to e-commerce and retail challenges. Any recommendations will probably be welcomed.

****Train 1 – Strings: Product Descriptions****

You’ve gotten a listing of product descriptions. Clear and format them for higher readability.


product_descriptions = [

“Men’s T-shirt, 100% cotton, Red”,

“Women’s Jeans, Slim Fit, Blue”,

“Unisex Hoodie, Polyester/Cotton, Gray”


# Your job: Format and print the descriptions with correct capitalization and spacing.


****Train 2 – Numbers: Calculate Reductions****

An e-commerce web site gives percentage-based reductions on varied merchandise. Calculate the discounted costs.


original_prices = [100, 250, 150]

reductions = [10, 15, 20]

# Your job: Calculate and print the discounted costs for every product.

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