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LPT Request: The best way to save my suggestions from work and maintain myself from utilizing them so I can save for one thing I need?

I work at a restaurant within the kitchen that splits suggestions all suggestions with again of home. I mentioned it with my fiancé and stated I wish to save up my weekly suggestions and put it in the direction of an Xbox sequence s console. I understand how a lot I often get in suggestions throughout the summer season months and it is often proper across the 100 greenback mark most weeks. How can I maintain my self from spending out of this to avoid wasting sufficient to get this console by my birthday on July thirtieth. It prices proper round 400 presumably 450 cad with taxes. So I am pondering could if I can have about 500 or so saved plus my dad and mom and grandparent ship me birthday cash yearly so mixed with that cash I ought to have greater than sufficient saved If my calculations are appropriate. I am simply questioning how one can maintain myself from going into that cash and utilizing it earlier than I save the amount of money I would want?

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  1. Just don’t buy stuff with your tips unless absolutely necessary for you to live.

  2. I like to use a tip tracker— once I enter the tips, I put the money up and *don’t touch it*, lol

  3. I literally did the same thing recently. Put the money in cash form In a container that is very hard to get access too.

    Then you won’t so easily grab it and use it and then when u finally need to you, you can break the container to get the money. ( like an old school piggy bank that didn’t have a hole at the bottom )

  4. Get a cast iron piggy bank that you need to have machined open

  5. Think of it like Pokémon, get into collecting each complete $10 and then squirrel it away and focus on the next.

  6. Don’t spend money on stupid shit.

    There’s no magical hack to learning delayed gratification and assessing the value of a purchase. Don’t be an impulsive typical consumer, set objectives for short term, long term, and emergency planning, then allocate funds appropriately.

  7. Old school mate, get a piggy bank for real. Something you can put it in and not get it back out immediately

  8. You need a budget. Once you identify whare your money is going you can make better decisions on whare to spend it. There are plenty of apps for this but I would listen to what dave Ramsey has to say about financial security.

  9. Honestly, your best option is to discipline yourself to not spend it.

    Sometimes, it’s tough at first, especially when you aren’t used to saving.

    Trust me, when you see the amount you are saving start to grow, it can motivate you to save more.

    You have to care more about the goal than the short-term gratification of spending now.

  10. I would put it in a bank account

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