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LPT: If you happen to put your card down for a restaurant tab, snatch the receipt when it comes, inform your mates you’ll cost them, and do the mathematics your self.

A surprising variety of adults don’t account for tax and tip when repaying eating/bar prices, or throw in $1-2 (when tax+tip can quantity to 30% of the ultimate invoice). The one who pays is extra more likely to correctly account for this. However you’ll need to seize the invoice earlier than anybody else will pay you- then you definately’re caught consuming the distinction or sending petty Venmo requests for a couple of dollars every.
Your card, your legal responsibility, your math!

EDIT: Separate checks are the best possibility! This tip is extra related someplace like NYC, the place most eating places don’t enable paying individually. 🙁

Comments ( 5 )

  1. I never cared much about this. Life is not perfectly fair or evenly split. Sometimes I get the whole tab and sometimes my friends do.

  2. Seems like a way to annoy people to me.

  3. LPT: simply ask for a separate check and avoid the extra math and stress all together. Problem solved.

  4. Having been burned by people figuring out their own portion many times in the past, I agree with you entirely. Whoever pays with their card should be given the whole check and figure out what each person owes. If someone doubts the math, they can always double check it. Having done this myself quite a few times I have never once had someone that questioned my total for them being too high turn out to be correct. They always “forgot” tax and tip and often a drink, dessert, or appetizer in their mental calculation. And it was always the same people that would do this every time. (They also tended to be the ones that would order huge meals and lots of drinks and then try to get everyone to agree to split the check evenly)

  5. If the few bucks difference in bad math is that bad for you maybe you should just stay home with your microwave meals. Nagging your friends on Venmo for a $1 cause they figured the tip wrong just sounds petty.

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