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Give video games an opportunity..

I’ve missed out on numerous video games as a result of I’m too impatient. Once I begin a brand new sport and if it doesn’t seize me proper from the beginning I hand over option to quickly and give up taking part in. I’ve had Breath of the Wild since launch and I attempted taking part in it a number of instances and at all times gave up after an hour or so. When Tears of the Kingdom was introduced I made a decision to attempt BotW once more and I truly performed greater than an hour and now it’s certainly one of my favourite video games, and I’m loving TotK. I did the identical with Spider Man on the PS4, and a number of other different video games. I’m simply questioning what number of good video games I’ve missed out on due to this. Do any of you do the identical?

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  1. Sometimes you just have to be in the right mood to play certain games especially those you are not used to or familiar with.

  2. Yeah it’s a mood thing too for me I have started games pressed continue and almost immediately turned it off

    .. like red dead everyone fucking loves that game meanwhile I spent hour or more in the snowy mountains (tutorial shit) and it killed it .. too slow walking around on horse dumb missions to get to legitimately free roam…
    Still haven’t gone back.

    I’m sure there are tons I have missed like this too

  3. For me it’s the “ooh, a good game! Ooh, another good game! Oh look, another one!” and next thing I know, I have 5 games with an hour on them.

    But I’ve gotten better. This year I’ve beaten GoW, tlouP1Re, hzd, botw.

    But I digress, no, I guess I don’t that problem, just a different one.

  4. I had a pile of shame in the past. But most of the titles are just too old for me now to really have fun with. Nowadays there are not much games that I really care about.

  5. I did the same thing with BoTW. Had it since close to launch and never played more than an hour or so here and there. Feeling the hype from TotK so I went back and played like 5 hours of BoTW in the past 2 days! Gaming is all about being in the right mood.

  6. > I’m just wondering how many good games I’ve missed out on because of this. Do any of you do the same?

    I have started games and didn’t get into them and revested them later and absolutely loved them.

  7. I found the same with BOTW. I just didn’t get it yet – but I tried again because I wanted to love it and after I got to kakariko village I fell in love with it. So I always tell people get there and the decide.

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