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First Individual Shooters

I’ve all the time been horrible at first particular person shooters.

To the purpose the place any time I play on-line with mates, I really feel like a hinderance and I am all the time being babysat.

I just lately purchased Kovaak’s, so hopefully that’ll assist. Even then I can not get previous one of many first coaching practices.

I do not understand how folks get so irate about how darkish souls lacks a problem setting when even overwatch feels not possible for me. In darkish souls, I not less than die in like 3 hits the place in fps’ you may simply die by getting headshot as soon as.

Comments ( 7 )

  1. Try lowering your sensitivity

  2. > you can just die by getting headshot once.

    I mean, that’s pretty realistic, isn’t it?

  3. To be fair when it comes to PvP games like Overwatch, people complain about matchmaking instead. I have some friends who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a sniper rifle, and Overwatch’s matchmaking always got really wonky when we played together.

    As for FPS, as with many things it’s a matter of practicing a lot. Bots can help to get some skills down, but they also might teach some habits that don’t work against human opponents.

    Also play around with settings like mouse sensitivity and find what feels good for you.

  4. Overwatch is more about learning the characters abilities and when to use them even a gunplay heavy character like McCree. The best advice I can give you for fps is go slower and preaim your corners. Not that I’m particularly good but if I feel like I’m doing particularly bad I’ll try to follow those guidelines and usually do better after

  5. Play more in your own tier! Your friends are fighting players far above your skillset and you’re not learning shit when dieing to that 24/7…

    And for the love of god. Dont look at the ground when running around in shooter games. Keep your sights close to chest/head level!

  6. I was exclusively a racing game player until I found the crysis series. The games are amazing from a visual and mechanics standpoint but I could barely make it through the tutorial. Because I wanted to enjoy the series I went out and got into all the single player shooter games of the time, COD and battlefield campaigns etc. I found that PvE setting is much more conducive to learning and refining the basic mechanics of shooters such as keeping your crosshair at chest/head level, and increasing your awareness to angles of danger.

    Don’t stress over setup and sensitivity, it will all feel shit until you know what you need it to do for you. So focus on playing comfortably and enjoying the game. Then fidget with your sensitivity and settings to get that edge for competitive/multiplayer.

  7. Don’t go to hard in aim trainers. Just playing the specific shooters you want is a 100% more effective.

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