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Do you research after work?

I accomplished my masters 2 years and been engaged on an information science job since then with pretty 50/50 cut up between purely dashboarding jobs with instruments with powerbi and different being analysis initiatives on ML purposes and scripting numerous wants.

Current developments in AI are fully oblivous to me. The pattern with reinforcement studying and just lately the generative stuff. All this makes me really feel like I’m being left behind and my information base is caught prior to now.

How a lot effort do you set in to be up to date within the night and within the weekends?

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  1. I do, but I am a senior manager in analytics engineering/data engineering who wants to obtain a masters degree (in either CS or applied math, haven’t really decided which yet).

  2. A lot lately. Things are shifting and it’s important to me to keep up and not miss any opportunities. This is not required in normal times but I’m making the effort right now because being a data person in 2023 is like being a software engineer in 1996 and I’m actually old enough this time.

  3. A lot, lately. With all the new developments thats going on around us, if we don’t get to use these tools to the best of our needs, then we will be the tools ourselves pretty soon.

  4. I tend to do it in a laid back knowledge-by-osmosis way: watch some youtube videos, read some articles. I’ve tried doing legit technical work occasionally but it just means by the time I open VScode on a work day, I’m tired and sick of death of it all.

    Some people can do it, I’m just not one of them.

  5. Sometimes It Depends on My Mood Lol

  6. I was really inspired by the Aleksa Gordić approach of “macro-cycles” wherein he takes a sub-discipline and spends 1-2 months researching it followed by another month of a project relating to it. I’ve been following my own self-learning path, but my goal is a career transition. I doubt I’d be as motivated to study if I was just trying to keep improving in my current role.

    But to your question: yes. Before and after work.

  7. Usually never. But the chatgpt thing and llm are becoming increasingly powerful and popular. So i think i might have to do some testing with them and see what is all the hype

  8. I spend four hours a week developing my skills, about 50% “on the clock” and 50% on my own time. It annoys me, but I think every high paying job including data science has its drawbacks – lawyers have insane hours, doctors have to dig themselves out of massive piles of debt, high-paid technologists need to put in some extra time outside of work to stay relevant by learning about new technologies.

  9. Studying Japanese for fun. I get more mileage from the variance of learning it compared to yet-another-slightly-adjacent-programming-or-math-concept, good for cleansing the brain, helps me improve how I learn, so when the need comes I can pick up whatever I need on the job quickly.

  10. Maybe 2 – 4 hours in a good week.

    Typically I have some time during the work day to upskill and quite frankly I’m not interested in going balls deep learning something that I might never use so I tend to focus my learning / upskilling around business needs and cloud technology

  11. I study but thats out of personal interest more than career advancement

  12. Absolutely not. It’s my job, not my life. I’m learning new things on work projects to stay informed and up to date, but generally think the tech sector mentality that the thing you do for work is your calling and your life is not for me. I look forward to having more time for the non-work activities in my life one day.

  13. Yes. Read papers on something of interest that I think may be important for work next quarter.

  14. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is every 2-3 years change jobs; not necessarily companies, go for a promotion in your own company etc, but keep aiming higher. If you do this you will always have a job. Right now I’m in the same situation you are. I’m 2 years into my current DS job where most of my focus is on dashboards and some ML projects. I want to move up but it might not be an option at my current company so I’ve bought a few books and have decided to study for some interviews. What this has had me do is see where the gaps are in my knowledge and things I can focus on for my next position even if I don’t take a new job. My personal opinion is when the economy recovers we’re gonna see a boom of jobs in the DS field so I want to be ready for that. I’m telling you all of this because it’s giving me the incentive to study and learn more. So I wake up an hour earlier than I normally do, put about an hour of studying in and then 2-4 hours on the weekend. Do this for a few months and like an exercise routine you will see the results

  15. Fuck no, if I’m learning something it’s happening on the company dime.

  16. I study every day as I’m angling for a job change. Usually grinding leetcode and doing software engineering projects so I can transition into MLE

  17. There is no fucking way this is a real post

  18. I’ve been regularly checking in on a [multireddit]( curated by a mod in /r/artificial.

    It’s a quick and easy way to get a decent overview of notable things that have happened over the past day in the AI world. It saves me from having to spend a great deal of time hunting for potentially valuable AI news.

  19. Yeah, I study subjects relevant for work (I’m a biologist) and purely for fun (learning to draw and paint) after work and on the weekends. I do enjoy the technical work-related subjects or I would not bother. I try to spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a day doing one of these. The time adds up and before I know it I am on my way to learning something new. I don’t think this is for everyone though. I usually need to be active in my relaxation time.

  20. I’m doing an online masters degree in Computer Science and Data Analysis. I’m expecting to graduate by the end of the year

  21. Keeping up with tech like that is considered professional development and my boss gives us 4 hours a week for that. I have it in my calendar like any other meeting.

  22. Some weeks I feel super motivated and can code for 80 hours without breaking a sweat, orher times I have to force myself to work anything more than 5 (and it’s not always a battle I win)

  23. naw, having a life matters

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