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Constructing driveway to storage over muddy space

I am constructing a storage within the again the place you see the sandy excavation.

Within the foreground there is a downhill space the place water has collected and obtained a bit muddy.

I shall be a manner in a spot for the water to empty so it would not occur once more however within the meantime, if I wish to construct a driveway over that part do I…

a. Scoop the mud out and fill with sand, compacting each 6″ after which high stage of three/4 gravel

b. Depart the mud in there and drop a couple of tons of two inch stone after which lay sand over, compact and three/4 gravel on high

c. Scoop mud out, drop 2 inch stone, lay sand, compact, lay 3/4 gravel

or.. one thing else?

I’ve an outdated skidsteer/excavator so I can do nearly something, however I am missing in data of precisely what to do! Thanks

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Disclaimer: I’m not a Geotechnical engineer. Just someone who’s moves a lot of dirt.

    Dig it out. Put decent material back and compact.

    Technically all 3 of your options could be applicable.

    * A is the cheapest (if you’ve got decent soil on-site just use that as long as you’re getting compaction).
    * B you really only need to do if it’s just like…. a huge area. I’ve done this in marsh type areas on mass over excavations. You use rock like you’re thinking to “bridge” between the poor subgrade and give you something more stable. But as long as you can dig the mud out and replace with dirt you’re fine. Often geotechs want geogrid in addition to or in lieu of to reinforce it. For your purposes I doubt this is necessary.
    * C is just B but if you dig and can’t find competent subgrade.

    Just make sure however you’re doing it you’re directing water where you want it so it doesn’t happen again in X years

  2. I think gravel is much better than sand for this. If you build a tall enaugh gravel base, water should drain well. If your soil is clay, just run a vein of gravel downgrade (starting from the gravel road bed) to make kind of a french drain for surpluss water to go that way.

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