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Banned Books Dialogue: Might, 2023

Welcome readers,

Over the past a number of weeks/months we have all seen an uptick in articles about faculties/cities/states banning books from school rooms and libraries. Clearly, this is a crucial topic that many people really feel captivated with however sadly it tends to return in waves and drown out some other dialogue. We clearly do not wish to ban this dialogue however we additionally wish to enable different posts some air to breathe. In an effort to accomplish this, we’ll publish a dialogue thread each month to permit customers to publish articles and talk about them. As well as, our pals at /r/bannedbooks would love so that you can take a look at their sub and talk about banned books there as nicely.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Thank you!!!!! Books are global, US politics already take up too much space in the world and as a Canadian some breathing room is needed.

  2. It is a double edged sword. On one hand, we have political institutions pushing the limits on book bans. On the other hand, we have publishing houses rewording older works to align with the current social climate. We will probably end up with a “Farenheit 451” world where everything is meant to be just “vanilla”.

  3. Will this be a stickied monthly post?

    I’m disappointed when discussions on anything controversial end up locked. I understand this will be easier to moderate, but I think in-depth discussions will suffer.

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