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Want some assist with my private undertaking (interactive world map with real-time knowledge)

Hello! I lately thought I would attempt engaged on a undertaking of my very own and thought I would make an interactive world map the place it will show prime information (title, abstract + hyperlink) for the nation on which you place your cursor.

The net crawling half wasn’t a lot of a problem – I’m utilizing an current API ([]( which does what I wanted. The difficulty lies in, nicely, just about the remainder of the duty described above. I have to create an interactive world map with real-time knowledge (information articles) – extra particularly, sustaining the info server, determining the info mapping half, and so forth. Since I just about haven’t any expertise on this, I wish to ask you guys for some instructions. What device would I would like to make use of and the way would I retailer/load the info? Is it doable to take action with out writing some Javascript code myself?


Thanks quite a bit everybody, and have an exquisite day!

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  1. Hey, given your comments and the fact your link is for a Python library, I’m assuming you’re asking for help with a website, and are familiar with Python but not very familiar with JavaScript.

    Given this, there are 3 potential ways I could envisage setting this up.

    1) I believe Flask is a framework for creating websites using only Python code, although I don’t have much experience with it so I’m not sure. You could poll the Gnews API from your client’s browser, and then construct the map from relevant python libraries once you have the data.

    2) You could reconstruct the Gnews API, which presumably just accesses an existing Google News API, with JavaScript fetch requests, and implement the same in HTML and JavaScript. I know there are several existing map components in D3.js, which might be worth looking into.

    3) If downloading the data in real-time is too intensive for the website, you could temporarily store the most recent headlines in an AWS database, and retrieve the data by setting up your own API. Depending on how fast the Google News API is, this might not add that much speed, and could be unnecessarily more complicated, but it could be worth exploring.

    Shoot me a message if you want more advice on any of those ideas, or someone feel free to correct me if you’ve got something better

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