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LPT If employees at a enterprise inform you they’re understaffed, RUN!

If employees at a enterprise clarify away its crappy service with any model of “We’re understaffed” that you must use a special enterprise. There are two explanation why they may say this: 1. They’re incompetent and can’t serve you as they need to and are utilizing this excuse to level your disappointment away from them. 2. They actually ARE understaffed as a result of some degree of administration above them is incompetent and go away the employees with insufficient assist to do their job. In each circumstances you’ll not get the service you require and (relying on the enterprise) chances are you’ll get sick or undergo hurt from the incompetence affecting the extent of service. Supply: I’m all the time understaffed at my office and the one approach it can change is that if “prospects vote with their greenback.”

Comments ( 12 )

  1. Mate, everywhere is understaffed. It sucks.

  2. This is a pretty stupid post from some Karen/Kevin type customer..

  3. At first I hated this, cause it felt like woker blaming bs.
    But the last point is good, don’t support businesses that don’t support their workers.

  4. Also, if you’re looking for a new job, look into the company’s turnaround rate. If the company is constantly losing and hiring workers, there’s a problem.

  5. This is a pretty narrow minded statement. I say this as an owner after covering for two workers last week. One who lost her son and another had to move unexpectedly. Both were sad situations. Both got extra PTO and no shame for not coming to work. They were grateful I was so understanding.

    Editing to add. We were short staffed. It was exhausting. I was the over worked employee during that time. You can’t just hire a nurse last minute. Things happen. You have to
    Roll with it.

  6. Source it happened to me so it must be like that for everyone! This isnt a LPT, its a vent.


  7. Then I guess we’re all screwed because this pretty much describes every hospital in my county.

  8. They are understaffed becasue they don’t pay enough. Managers would rather overwork the few who accept the low wages than have a full team making a dollar more.

    I worked at a place that was understaffed but made millions. Get a better job because things won’t change. The business will even justify being shortstaffed when “customers vote with their dollar”. 99% of customers will still go to an understaffed place just to then complain about the service.

  9. What chicken shit. Understaffing is an acute problem in most every industry and has been for several years.

  10. The store I work at was understaffed until yesterday when we hired a new guy. We were keeping it together and running smoothly but it was more challenging.

    Now that the new guy is starting, it’s going to be a lot easier. I’m much more inclined to be patient and work with him to show him the ropes so that easier becomes the new normal.

  11. Or you know, be patient 🤷🏽‍♂️

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