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Kerdi bathe pan – To oversize or undersize?

I will be putting in a Kerdi bathe pan for the primary time in my new home as a result of my drain is just not within the appropriate location. The toilet has been framed 48 by 60 and I see that Kerdi sells a 48 by 60 bathe pan.

However for the reason that drain is off a number of inches in each instructions, I might want to reduce it and mortar pack it. Alternatively, I might purchase the following dimension up which is 72 by 72 for $100 extra and never need to mortar pack it.

What’s the higher choice right here?

I additionally bought the nook set, the drain set, and the flange set.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. You can either go oversize and trim down or pack the excess with dry pack mortar and covered with kerdi membrane to extend the pan. Dealers choice, both methods work.,when%20setting%20the%20floor%20tile.

    How far off centre is the drain? The further out then you may have to make up the height differences as you set the tiles on the “short” side.

  2. Mortar packing is pretty easy in this case because you can just use the existing pan slope and you don’t have to measure any heights. If you are putting ditra heat in the shower, I’d mortar pack because you need to water proof over it anyway. If you’re not heating the floor, a bigger pan is probably better because you won’t have as much buildup from multiple layers of kerdi sheets.

  3. If you are doing it yourself I would totally recommend just getting the larger one and cutting it down. First of all, it will “just work” if you install it correctly and secondly not having to deal with fucking around with dry pack is worth $100 to me.

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