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At dwelling information science PC rig? Share yours!

I am engaged on an information science grasp’s program and attempting to get extra palms on expertise. I am questioning if anybody has a purpose-built PC setup for information science duties at dwelling. I make money working from home and want to get into contracting work within the information science sphere. I was a PC gamer and construct my very own PCs, however have since gotten rid of my desktop setup in favor of a Swap and laptop computer since I do not recreation as a lot. I like the thought of creating a brand new desktop as a server and information workhorse for information science experiments in class, private initiatives, or future contract work, however I do not know what sort of setup can be acceptable. I am specializing in AI fashions and was considering I might use this to run and check small LLMs domestically, and I will be engaged on giant information units both approach.


Does anybody have one thing like I am describing constructed already? What do you utilize it for? Any options or hyperlinks to writeups for this kind of setup? I would like to see what others have constructed.

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  1. I did a recent [build]( for gaming *and* ML projects. I have an RTX 4080 stuffed into a SFF case. it has no RGBs or anything that screams “13-year old gamer” so it does feel a bit more “professional” and productive.

    I’ve found the 4080 (16GB vram and ~9K cuda cores) is plenty for quick and most local prototyping.

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