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Assist with previous hose spigot spraying out backside

Over winter an previous hose spigot broke, it had been leaking when on earlier than that. Doing a little analysis I discovered I can attempt to substitute the vacuum breaker and tracked down the proper one (I believe, it is previous and would not have readable mannequin quantity on it). I used to be in a position to set up it however now it’s spraying water when on out of the underside, I am unsure what to name the underside half the water is popping out of and looks like most newer spigots haven’t got this half.

Video of the spraying after putting in the vacuum breaker with an image from earlier than changing it: [](

Is that this DIY fixable or am I a substitute spigot? It is behind a dry walled basement wall so hoping to keep away from tearing into that if I can.


Comments ( 5 )

  1. It looks like the packing nut. Try tightening the nut behind the handle.

  2. It looks like someone screwed another siphon breaker onto the bottom. Does it unscrew to expose the hose threads?

  3. If the plumbing inside for that bib is easy to access, I’d go watch the ToH video with Rich Trethewy where they replace a frost proof hose bib, and give it a whirl. I haven’t worked with copper, personally, but you might consider a shark bite fitting to connect them. Idk, someone will tell me if I’m right or wrong on that part, but in my house this would definitely be something I’d replace. But I’ve got PEX, and easy access.

  4. What happens when you go full on?

  5. TBH you’ve spent too much time trying to repair this when $20 and 30 minutes it could have been replaced. Just my $.02. Time to move in and just replace the bib

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