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Macbook for Laptop Imaginative and prescient Engineer

I’m about to start my new place as a pc imaginative and prescient engineer and my present Linux laptop computer has extreme thermal/processor points so I assumed taking a step into “the apple-verse”, shopping for a mac-book. In my nation I can purchase

1. Macbook Professional M1 with 10 cpu 16 gpu, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM in 1600$.
2. Macbook air M2 with 512gb, 16GB RAM in 1500$.

Out of your expertise which one would you like/take for normal coding/improvement utilizing Python/C++ and the infamous libraries (TensorFlow/opencv/keras, and so forth.)?

Comments ( 4 )

  1. If you plan to do local prototyping and development, get the pro. No doubts

  2. Get the pro, but don’t assume that the “GPU” is good enough to do serious deep learning training, because it isn’t.

  3. Pro, it is the standard sent to new hires at my company.

  4. Your company should be providing you a work machine and/or a cloud environment.

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