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LPT: Need some comfortable, simple to unfold butter? Combine chilly/room temperature butter with melted butter.

A small trick that makes a variety of distinction. Soften round 1/third of your butter within the microwave, then put the opposite 2/3 in (damaged all the way down to small chunks). Combine nicely collectively.

What you get is a comfortable, spreadable butter with the feel of thick gravy/whipped cream. The perfect texture for spreading on cinnamon rolls, garlic breads (in truth, that is the place I first realized of this tip, through America’s check kitchen Garlic bread).

In the event you ended up with a bit too runny combination, add extra chilly butter or simply toss it into the freezer briefly (till a number of the floor butter hardens) and blend once more.

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Why don’t you just leave your butter out of the fridge in a butter dish? It’s the way I’ve done it for 40 years and works great. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated unless it’s going to take you longer than a couple of weeks to use it. I always have two sticks out at any given time for bagels, toast, bread, and other things. Sometimes I just make fresh butter and leave it out… Of I know someone with cows that I can get fresh, whole milk from.

    People have no clue about their food these days. They want to refrigerate things that don’t need it. VERY rarely does any kind of fruit or vegetable need to be in the fridge. Eggs don’t need to be in the fridge if used within a month (just can’t be in hot temps but, an air conditioned house is fine. If a block of cheese gets moldy, just scrape the mold off with a knife and eat it… Mild doesn’t penetrate cheese (I’m talking real cheese, not that chemical Velveeta shit). Salt cured meat doesn’t need refrigeration either… Just make sure you scrub the mold off the outside, and soak it a day or two in fresh water, before it’s cooked.

  2. I just keep butter in a dish on my counter. It lasts a long time

  3. The amount of people thinking this is a storage tip… No, this is about getting the IDEAL consistency butter for spreading. Not to mention again, the consistency of the butter left at room temperature is gonna vary based on… your room temperature.

  4. Umm… Butter is always spreadable, if you leave it out of the fridge? It’s also perfectly safe to not refrigerate butter.

    You want whip cream consistency? Take some non-refrigerated butter and mix it up. Boom, done. 75% of your “LPT” isn’t even needed.

    Did you not know that you don’t need to refrigerate butter? Seems like you just learned a LPT.

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