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LPT: Changing the shoelaces in your sneakers will make them look virtually new once more for lower than two {dollars} and 5 minutes of effort.

I not too long ago grew to become extra self conscious of the standard of sneakers that I put on, as I’ve all the time been snug with generic skate sneakers however they have a tendency to get soiled fairly quick (particularly for sneakers with white shoelaces). Conserving spare shoelaces available and changing them each 6 months to a 12 months has drastically improved the looks of my aged sneakers for such a low effort upkeep activity.

As a bonus, I’ve additionally discovered it useful to maintain some generic shoe wipes for a fast and low effort removing of any seen dust or particles.

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  1. Also, every month or so, soak your white laces in a bleach solution, they will come up as new and you are saving money and the planet

  2. LPT: slip ons for maximum convenience

  3. thanks, now nobody will notice the stains, or the sole that detaches from the top.

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